Why Hire a Kajabi Virtual Assistant? With How-Tos & Examples

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Do you know why you should hire a Kajabi virtual assistant?

Kajabi is a great platform for doing courses and various other content. In fact, it’s the most popular one! It’s pretty easy to use, too. But it has tons of features! If you don’t already know how to navigate them all, you’ll spend tons of time learning! On the other hand, if you hire a virtual assistant who knows the ins and outs, you can take full advantage of this tool immediately.

In this post, we’ll look into the benefits of hiring a specialized Kajabi virtual assistant.

What is a Kajabi Virtual Assistant?

Before we can answer this question, let’s get to know Kajabi a little better. 

Kajabi is a comprehensive platform made to help online creators. These can be anyone from content course creators, teachers, coaches, and other knowledge-based entrepreneurs. They offer multiple solutions, opportunities, and marketing pipelines to grow your business and engage your audience. All of them integrate seamlessly together, making it easy to manage everything in one place. Some of these solutions include:

  • Website builder
  • Landing page builder
  • Email marketing automations
  • Contact management 
  • Automated campaigns and sales funnels
  • Hosting for live webinars 
  • Payment integrations
  • Analytics

So, now that we have a basic understanding of what Kajabi is. What then is a Kajabi VA?

Well, we know that a virtual assistant is a remote worker that is outsourced to perform a task. So, we can say that a Kajabi virtual assistant is someone who is skilled in using the Kajabi platform. They are someone who can help you bring your business ideas to life through Kajabi.

For this article, we will discuss all forms of Kajabi assistance.

Benefits of Hiring a Kajabi VA

Technical Expertise 

You don’t have to spend time learning the platform or going through the courses. If something goes wrong or you hit a wall, your Kajabi assistant will be able to find a solution. 

Time Saver

Maybe you’re busy writing and editing the course material. You probably don’t have time to actually set up the whole thing. It’s not your expertise! A Kajabi virtual assistant can do the implementation for you. That’s their expertise!

Skills and Qualifications Required for a Kajabi VA

Knowledge of the Platform

This is the most obvious qualification. Kajabi has a ton of free resources that teach people about their platform. They call this Kajabi University. It’s an entire library that will help orient you on all that the site has to offer. These contain hours of material. A Kajabi VA has to at the very least know the info contained within. This isn’t to say they have to go through these courses specifically. But, they should commit to continuing education as the platform grows and updates. 

Real Experience on the Platform 

Ideally, your Kajabi VA should have experience working on real campaigns with past clients. This is more so a requirement for Kajabi advisors and strategists than entry-level assistants. Experience is essential because they will be able to tell you how well certain campaigns performed. They will also track how the audience responded. 

Digital Marketing Experience 

Now, this isn’t a hard and fast requirement. However, the more experience they have with marketing, the more effective they will be. For instance, say you were a food and fitness influencer looking to create a course. They would probably know how to conduct some market research for your target audience. A VA can also analyze successful influencers’ course structure, language use, and attention-grabbing techniques.

How to Find and Hire a Kajabi VA

You can find and hire VAs in many different ways. We recommend that you use online platforms. This makes the whole process quite comfortable. Having a platform partner is also an extra layer of safety for you.

When you begin looking for a VA, start with a job description. Sit down and outline what you need done. Then think about the skills that you expect them to have. You don’t have to know all the intricacies of the job. (That’s why you’re hiring someone to do it for you!) Just list out the practical aspects of the skill level you expect. Then you can add in all the soft skills that you want them to possess. This can be stuff like sending daily work reports, morning check-ins, fluent English, and a positive attitude.

Once you have the job description written out clearly, you can upload it. We recommend starting with the most reputable freelance marketplaces and hiring platforms. If you want some tips on where to hire safely, we have a post on the best virtual assistant websites.  There isn’t any objectively best choice, though. What is going to work best for you is highly dependent on your needs and preferences. You may even have some very specific requirements that only a few niche agencies can provide.

Once you get recommendations from your platform of choice, you can start interviewing. Keep your core needs in mind as you speak to the candidates. Don’t hesitate to ask probing questions about their skills and experience. You never want to settle when hiring a VA but hit all your main targets. Even if you need to pay more to get top quality help, it’s worth it in the end.

How Much Should You Pay a Kajabi VA?

Because this is a niche type of VA skillset, you can expect that will reflect in their rates. Additionally, depending on the type of help you need, the rates will be different. 

Most web design projects will cost upwards of $120. If you’re looking for more of a managerial role for your courses and other projects, that could cost around $40 or more an hour.  

Examples of Tasks That Can Be Assigned to a Kajabi VA

Data Entry 

This is the most basic task. Essentially, what they will do here is obtain the materials from you and put them into pages. They will input the course copy, format it, and arrange information in your specified chapters. A Kajabi VA can also input other information that will show up on your landing pages, emails, newsletters, and such. 

Email Contact List Management

Kajabi has an email list feature that works with their landing page feature. Most of the collection process is automated. You do need the VA, however, for tasks like tagging your customers based on behavior. This allows you to target them better for certain email campaigns. They also update information as needed. 

Email Marketing

A Kajabi virtual assistant can use the built-in email templates to customize your emails. This way, all your content and marketing will fit your brand. They can also set up automations that send out emails when a visitor or lead triggers a certain action. For instance, say someone goes to your landing page and inputs their information. You can set up rules that trigger an email welcome series. Perhaps this email could include promotions or a link to sign up to a newsletter. 

Strategy, Advisory, and Guidance

This is less of a task and more of a role. A Kajabi strategist will give you tips and tricks on how to market yourself more effectively on the platform. This includes coming alongside you while creating your course, plan, etc. They can provide feedback and edits to make sure your offer is as polished as can be at launch. 

Website and Landing Page Design

Through Kajabi’s landing page builder, they can create attention grabbing pages that convert. Their website builder allows you to do sales funnels, too, and implement related strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Kajabi virtual assistant handle other tasks?

As long as these tasks are Kajabi-related, yes. There is a premium for having expertise in a niche. Having them do unrelated tasks wouldn’t be cost efficient or skill efficient.

However, say you do email marketing through Kajabi and want someone to manage that entire process. Hiring someone knowledgeable about Kajabi might be helpful in filling that role. 

Is it safe to outsource Kajabi tasks to a virtual assistant?

Yes, it is safe to outsource to a virtual assistant as long as you are hiring from reputable or well-known marketplaces. You want to have all the protections that you can get. Make sure there are measures for data and intellectual property protection, too. 

How Do I train a Kajabi Virtual assistant?

There is no official certification or formal training out there. However, if you’re considering having a current VA become a Kajabi VA, Kajabi’s got you. Kajabi University contains a lot of courses and material for free. Your VA can start by going through these and learning about the platform from there. Then, you can conduct a trial run for specific competencies like web design, course creation, email marketing, etc. Note that this training will be at your own expense. 

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All things considered, the best reason to hire a Kajabi virtual assistant is time. Anyone can learn how to use Kajabi – it’s built that way! However, your time is so valuable and best spent where you excel. When you hire specialized help, you actually pay less considering the time and effort you will save. 


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