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Download our free hiring packet. You'll get our case study, our VA Calculator, and our 5 Keys to Working with VAs training. Plus you'll get a special 10% discount code to Outsource School!

Outsource School's Hiring Packet

Here's What You'll Get With the Hiring Packet

How We Built a Team of 35+ VAs and Sold Our Business

  • How we scaled from an initial $5,000 investment to over 8 figures per year in 4 years.
  • The order in which we hired our 45+ VAs throughout the 4 years.
  • The different roles that we hired VAs within FreeeUp while we were scaling.
  • A blueprint that you can tweak and replicate while scaling your own business with VAs.
  • How to set a realistic budget for virtual assistants.  

The 5 Most Important Keys to Working with VAs

  • How to get small tasks done for you before you even wake up.
  • Secrets to effectively running meetings with your virtual assistant team.
  • The ins and outs of creating standard operating procedures (SOPs) to make your business run without you.
  • How to properly set expectations and hold your team of virtual assistants to specific standards.

A Tool to Calculate How Many VAs You Can Afford

  • An evergreen tool to understand how much you can afford for VAs.
  • Estimated VA costs per week, month and year. 
  • Number of full time VAs you can afford per year based off where your business is today. 
  • A simple tool to project how much you’ll be able to afford as your business continues to grow.