19 Ways a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Business

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digital marketing virtual assistant

Online marketing has given so many small businesses a chance to thrive. The online audience is so big that it could arguably be the main place to advertise in the near future. 

In this article, we will go through several ways digital marketing VA can help your business. With proper digital marketing, we know it can reach greater success. 

What is a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant?

A digital marketing virtual assistant is any VA who helps you advertise your business. They will have your target audience in mind and use a variety of methods. 

19 Ways a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant Can Help Grow Your Business

1. Social Media Management

These platforms get a ton of users every day. If your business doesn’t have a social media account, you should get at least one. Otherwise, you can’t reap the benefits of getting your brand out to more people. 

Social media managers help you schedule content and post it. They make sure also that the content you post matches the aesthetic, tone, and message of your brand. They can create many types of social media ads from reels, shorts, and other graphics and videos. 

2. Email Marketing

This type of marketing uses one of the most popular forms of online correspondence. An email marketing assistant can help create and categorize contact lists. These are lists of people who have expressed interest in your products and/or services and have given their details. They can send targeted mass emails to segments of this audience. The type of content sent includes: 

  • newsletters
  • promotional materials
  • welcome series emails
  • abandoned cart reminders
  • transaction emails

They also make use of email marketing automation like Mailchimp. 

3. Content Marketing

Hiring digital marketing virtual assistant

This is all about how to put your content out so it’s available and attractive to your targets. The aim is to create engaging content that people are drawn to. This includes copywriting, blog-post writing, and other strategies that leverage content. 

4. Search Engine Optimization

SEO refers to a list of factors that determine your search engine rankings. If you want organic traffic to your website, you need a strong SEO strategy. This involves keyword bidding, linking, on and off-page optimization, and more. 

5. Sales Funnel Creation

A sales funnel comes in many forms.‌ Though it typically has 5 stages: Discovery, Interest, Comparison, Decision and Action.  It functions to help businesses understand how customers think and plan around that. A funnel shows the customer journey from awareness of your brand to considering purchasing to becoming a paying customer. To encourage repeat sales, businesses can offer loyalty programs during the post-purchase stage.

6. PPC Campaign Management

If SEO was organic search engine marketing, PPC is paid SEM. PPC stands for pay-per-click. It is a campaign where you pay a certain amount every time a visitor clicks your ad. This type of paid advertising also involves keyword bidding, testing ad copy, and creating a landing page with a strong call to action. 

7. Graphic Design

Whether it’s a company logo, website, or social media graphics, a graphic designer is a necessity. These individuals are responsible for creating attractive visuals. This can be for grabbing attention, communicating a message, or conveying your brand visually. 

8. Affiliate Management

hiring a digital marketing virtual assistant

Affiliate marketing is where third parties promote another brand’s products. They usually get a percentage of the profits from sales from their advertising. Alternatively, they can accept other benefits, depending on the arrangement.

Affiliate managers are responsible for affiliate recruitment. They also maintain relationships and improve the performance of affiliate relationships. They communicate with those in the network and ensure they are well-equipped. 

9. Partnership Management

This is a step above affiliate marketing where two companies combine their efforts and promote each other’s products.  Partnership management is similar to affiliate management. They communicate with partners to ensure mutual and respective goals are being met on both sides. 

10. Analytics and Reporting

Whatever the campaign, your digital marketing virtual assistant can run reports and analytics to gauge its effectiveness. Your virtual assistant for digital marketing tracks crucial metrics and notes any changes after trying out different tactics.

11. Website Management

Your website is essentially the face of your brand. Therefore, you must ensure that everything on your website is well-organized, enhances the customer journey, and represents your brand effectively. A website manager’s duties involve:

  • Handling content on a website blog. This includes sourcing engaging images and videos.
  • Editing, updating, or removing outdated content 
  • Formulating strategies to improve web traffic. They typically have some SEO knowledge to improve web rankings. 
  • Making sure all pages are working properly. They conduct website tests and try to improve performance. 
  • Hosting and server management
  • Coding and other technical duties

12. Video Editing

Video is probably the most engaging form of ads out there. With the advent and popularity of short-form content, a video editor must know how to grab attention immediately. They naturally must be proficient in editing software like Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro. These people must know how to adapt to short and long form formats for social media. 

13. Mobile Advertising

Two men looking at a mobile phone.

This is marketing aimed at targeting mobile users. More than half of website traffic comes from mobile users in 2023. That’s small compared to the fact that over 90% of net users access the web through a mobile device. This is why this form is popular. Your internet marketing virtual assistant can help you reach these users through:

  • Social media
  • SMS/text marketing 
  • Location-based marketing 
  • Ads in mobile apps
  • Mobile app push notifications 

14. Lead Generation

Lead generation is a key element to consider when outsourcing sales and marketing. This process involves grabbing the attention of a potential customer (lead). This is near the top of your sales funnel. It involves using the various marketing methods discussed to attract prospects.

15. CRM Management

Customer relationship management involves improving your business’s relations with its customer base. This includes creating and implementing strategies to improve customer experience, satisfaction, and retention.  

16. Marketing Automation

Your digital marketing virtual assistant can help you save time and increase productivity via automation. These marketing technologies enable you to automate campaigns based on certain conditions. You can run multiple campaigns across multiple channels simultaneously with ease. These allow you to use customer data in the system and create automatic delivery systems for promotional campaign material.

17. Strategy Building

Maybe you’re happy with the platform you’ve chosen for your marketing. However, maybe you aren’t getting the results you want. Your VA can help you reformulate and reimagine your campaigns. They can lend a fresh perspective and provide helpful insights and tactics. They can improve lead generation, lead nurturing, sales funnel optimization, retargeting campaigns, and more. 

18. Promotions

These refer to certain announcements or tactics implemented by businesses about their products or services. They include commonly known tactics such as:

  • product sales
  • free samples or free trials
  • coupons
  • discounts
  • limited time offers
  • bundles
  • membership exclusive deals (loyalty rewards programs) 

These can also include publicity posts for a new product launch or a restock of a popular item.

19. Market Research

Hoping to build your audience? Maybe you want to know which platforms or techniques will be most effective. You want to reach those audiences, right?

Want to know customer behavior, trends within your demographic, and popular marketing tactics? Perhaps you want to peak at your competition in the market and learn from them. 

A digital marketing virtual assistant can actually accomplish all this and more! 

What Skills Does a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant Need to Have?

Post-it notes that say "To Do," "Doing," "Done."

Ability to Work Well Under Pressure

The world of digital marketing can be a high-stress, fast-paced environment. Someone who can handle a variety of tasks and marketing campaigns all at once is a valuable asset. With multiple platforms often involved, they need to schedule tasks well so they don’t get overwhelmed. 

Strong Work Ethic

Advertising and marketing management is no simple task. The digital space is ever evolving. With attention spans at an all-time low, businesses must stay on top of their game. If they don’t, they won’t catch their targets’ attention. And they’ll also lose their chances to engage with their audience. So, businesses need to post on multiple platforms practically every day. Your VA needs to juggle these.

Effective Communication Skills

Digital marketers need to communicate their ideas and strategies effectively. This is not only so that the rest of the team can implement it. It’s also so that the company can get behind the idea and give it their full support. The members can also contribute their own ideas. 

Research Skills

A digital marketer needs to know how to find relevant information related to their duties. They must stay current on the latest trends and platforms. They will be researching audiences, competitors, and new advertising opportunities. 

Tips for Working with a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant

Review their portfolio

An internet marketing virtual assistant should have a portfolio of their previous work experience, graphics, and campaigns. Someone with less experience will have less in their portfolio but may cost less. That’s a risk you need to weigh properly. A portfolio shows you if they’ve worked with similar businesses. 

If working with someone specializing in graphic design, this is crucial. You can view their skill and style and evaluate if they fit with your branding. 

Onboard them well 

Too much information is better than not enough. Make sure they have an in-depth knowledge of your company. This includes the culture, tone, brand, mission, vision, values, and target customers. Provide all details ahead of time, especially if your aim is for a particular aesthetic or style. 

Early Involvement 

Be involved in the process but don’t be domineering. You probably should be involved in approving certain campaigns, designs, ad copy, etc. You should do this at least in the beginning until you have built enough trust to give them more leeway. Once they’ve proven their effectiveness, you can start giving them the reins. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a reliable digital marketing virtual assistant?

We recommend popular freelance platforms like MarketerHire, Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.com

What qualifications should a digital marketing virtual assistant have?

Anyone can have the skills to promote products without a degree. But you probably want someone who is knowledgeable about popular trends and culture. Good research skills are a must. They must be knowledgeable about the platforms you use for advertising. You might hire a marketer with specialized knowledge related to SEO or PPC. 

How do I train a Digital Marketing VA for my business?

So, you know how to hire a virtual assistant for internet marketing. Now you learn the answer to this question close behind that. We recommend educating VAs thoroughly on your brand. They also need to know what your marketing goals and objectives are. You should also address any skill gaps they may have. For instance, you should orient them on any proprietary or preferred software you use. 

How do I ensure data security and privacy when working with a virtual assistant?

You can mitigate data security risks by hiring through reputable marketplaces. You can also write up legal contracts for extra protection. 

How much does a digital marketing VA cost?

According to several sources, the rates for a digital marketer can range from $10-$35. (These sources include Upwork and Fiverr.) This depends on the specific type of work and level of expertise. More expert level freelancers can charge upwards of $50/hr. 

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