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Case Study: Scaling and Selling with Virtual Assistants

Learn how Outsource School’s founders scaled their company, FreeUp, to 8 figures and an exit in 2019 with virtual assistants.

Virtual Assistant Calculator: See how much you can afford

Use our free VA calculator tool to see how many virtual assistants your business can afford. Also, learn what to outsource first. 

Free Training: 5 Keys to Scaling Your Business with Virtual Assistants

Learn the 5 keys to master if you want to build a successful and profitable online business by hiring virtual assistants and freelancers. 

The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing: All You Need to Know

Learn if outsourcing is a good fit for your business. We discuss the pros, cons, and in betweens when it comes to hiring overseas. 

A female executive assistant using a laptop to outsource sales and marketing.

What is a Virtual Assistant? Definition, Costs, and Where to Find Them

Learn what a virtual assistant is, how they can help your business, how much they typically cost to hire, and where you’ll find the best and most reliable. 

What Is the Average Cost of a Virtual Assistant?

You want to get the best price when hiring, right? Read this article to learn about different levels of virtual assistants, how much you can expect to pay, and tips to negotiate. 

Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines?

The Philippines is one of the most popular countries to outsource work to. Learn why, what they specialize in, and how much they cost in this guide. 

A girl holding her face while looking at her laptop screen.

When Is the Right Time to Delegate Work to Others?

Doing everything yourself? But worried about passing it off to someone else? We debunk delegation myths and give you a method to start delegating work. 

How to Outsource Work and Get Back 4 Hours Per Day

Want to start outsourcing, but don’t know how? Follow this step-by-step guide we put together to get back 4 hours of you time each day!

Two women thinking and writing on paper.

20 Tasks Business Owners Can Outsource to Virtual Assistants (VAs)

Start outsourcing these 20 tasks to virtual assistants and gain back time in your day. Grow faster with a VA team.

Software We Used to Manage 45 VAs In Our 8 Figure Business

Want the best tools to use when running a remote team? Here’s the tool stack we used when scaling FreeUp. 

A man on a video call with four young people.

4 Ways to Avoid Disappearing Virtual Assistants

Have VAs ghosted you in the past? Follow these 4 proven ways to avoid disappearing VAs.

Ready to Start Outsourcing?

Outsource School gives you a step-by-step outsourcing system to implement in your business. See what it’s like hiring like a season entrepreneur. 

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