19 Best Virtual Assistant Websites to Find Top Talent in 2023

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Looking to hire the best talent from the top virtual assistant websites?

There are millions of freelancers in the world. Yet, it can be difficult to find the right person for the job. Well, we’ve gathered the best freelance websites out there. This way, you can be sure you’re getting the real deal.

1. Fiverr

virtual assistant websites

Fiverr is a freelance marketplace that allows you to choose from over 500 categories of jobs. The name comes from how they started offering online services for as low as $5. Now Fiverr is an industry giant offering long and short-term projects from affordable and competitive prices to premium rates. With Fiverr, you can quickly find talent, get to work, and accomplish tasks. You can also access Fiverr Business for teams and access exclusive features like talent matching, dedicated account managers, and collaboration tools. You can also upgrade to Fiverr Pro if you want access to the best vetted freelancers.

2. Upwork

virtual assistant websites

Upwork is one of, if not the best, virtual assistant websites on this list. This huge, award-winning marketplace offers a wide array of services. It’s home to millions of freelancers in almost 200 countries. You can access talent so easily in one of three ways.

  • Talent Marketplace™ – Create a job post, review proposals, view freelancer profiles, read reviews on their profiles, and select the talent you want to work with 
  • Project Catalog™ – Pick the job you need from hundreds of project templates 
  • Talent Scout™ – For a project more than a month in duration, a recruiter can pair you with the best people for the job 

3. Freelancer.com

virtual assistant websites

Freelancer.com is the largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace. They serve clients worldwide with millions of worldwide talent from almost 250 countries. You can easily create a job post for any of the 1800+ categories. Get bites quickly and examine profiles to find the best fit. They also offer recruitment help to find the best talent. If you need managerial help, they also offer “co-pilots” to help you with your projects. You pay when you are completely satisfied.   

4. PeoplePerHour

A screenshot of the PeoplePerHour Radio website home page.

PeoplePerHour is a freelance community and marketplace that has connected over a million clients to global talent. Their anti-fraud and money-back guarantee perks mean that they are a secure and trusted place to conduct business. Hire from over 3 million freelancers offering 8,000+ skills in as fast as 10 minutes. You can post a job, search for freelancers yourself, or search through pre-set bundles created by freelancers. You can also manage and track your project through Project Stream. 

5. LinkedIn

A LinkedIn website screenshot.

LinkedIn is a widely used digital business network that connects companies with individuals looking for work. This platform is not designed specifically for finding virtual assistants. However, it does act as a job board for a lot of VAs looking for work. With LinkedIn, you can create a profile and job openings for free and access automatically created job descriptions and job templates. You can target your search with personalized emails and notifications and filter applicants using management tools. 

6. Zirtual

A Zirtual website screenshot.

Zirtual is a platform consisting of college-educated, US-based virtual assistants. They serve anyone from entrepreneurs to startups and executives. You can find the match you with a personal “Zirtual assistant” whose expertise matches the job brief. They are also backed by a team of specialists if they need additional help completing the tasks. Zirtual may possess a comparatively smaller suite of services and skills than other virtual assistant websites. However, they make up for it with strictly vetted, expert talent. 

7. Hello Rache

virtual assistant websites

Hello Rache is leading the charge in the area of healthcare virtual assistant solutions. Their Philippines-based VAs go through strict recruitment, vetting, and training processes to ensure they can work effectively in medical settings. The healthcare VAs on this platform can help with back-office tasks, medical transcription, and live in-room charting (EMR and EHR). All are HIPAA certified and can work with solo practitioners and larger medical groups as well. 

8. OnlineJobsPH

virtual assistant websites

OnlineJobsPH is a job board housing more than 2 million Filipino resumes and is the easiest place to find Filipino talent. You can post a job or search and view full resumes of workers from entry to expert level. However, you can only interview talent once you’ve paid for a subscription. You can track worker time using TimeProof and pay workers easily from your account with EasyPay. 

9. Virtalent

A virtalent website screenshot.

Virtalent is a virtual assistant service that offers UK-based VAs with at least 15 years of experience. These VAs are carefully vetted and have often worked with top companies in the UK. They specialize in Virtual PA and Marketing support but also offer other services. Virtalent not only matches you with the right VA, but they also pair you with a dedicated Client Success Manager. You can turn to them for guidance to answer any questions you may have during the process. 

10. 24/7 Virtual Assistants

A 247virtualassistants website screenshot.

24/7 Virtual Assistants is a virtual assistant service provider based in the US offering round-the-clock expert and efficient solutions. They offer low-cost, flexible non-core solutions you can upgrade or downgrade anytime. You can reach them any time of the day if you need tasks done. They house experienced, hard-working VAs who possess great work attitudes and are trusted to work unsupervised. 

11. Virtual Staff Finder

A screenshot of the Virtual Staff Finder website home page.

Virtual Staff Finder provides a simple solution to connect you with one of 8,000+ Filipino virtual assistants as fast as possible. After subscribing to the service and filling out their Job Description template, they source the best talent for you. Then, after rigorous vetting and background checks, they come up with the top 3 candidates for you to interview and hire. If it doesn’t work out with any of the 3, their 10-day guarantee promises to come with another 3 for you to select from. 

12. FreeUp

A screenshot of the FreeUp website home page.

FreeUp is a high-performing freelance marketplace that pairs businesses with hand-picked, highly qualified, pre-vetted talent. Among the best virtual assistant websites, FreeUp is one of the few that guarantees you get a top 1% freelancer. They do this through their very strict hiring process. This platform vets thousands of applications every day making sure communication, individual skill, and personality are top-notch. Their “No Turnover Guarantee” ensures any applicant that quits is replaced immediately free of charge.

13. Magic

A getmagic website screenshot.

Magic offers outsourcing solutions that help you get more work done by combining highly skilled remote workers with the power of Magic AI. Their scalable solutions allow you to start with 1 worker and go up to 1,000 if needed – all within the top 3% of talent. With their VA services, you can save more than 10 hours per week. All their VAs go through skills training to ensure they provide the best services possible. You also get a free dedicated account lead to help you with onboarding, coaching, SOPs, and more. 

14. Woodbows

A woodbows website screenshot.

Woodbows is a virtual assistant company offering VA services from college-graduate level professionals. Each has more than a decade of experience under their belt. Woodbows is award-winning in the areas of customer satisfaction and service guarantees. With Woodbows, not only do you get a 24/7 virtual assistant, but you also get 24/7 support on top of it. You pay for a single individual but you get the benefit of a team of experts behind them. 

15. Boldly

A boldly website screenshot.

Boldly offers premium subscription-based remote staffing services. Their North American and Europe-based VAs are highly experienced, skilled, and in it for the long term. Their personalized services match you with your ideal virtual assistant who will care deeply about the tasks at hand. They also offer a 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee to show how confident they are in the quality of services they offer. They serve solopreneurs, small businesses, and enterprises. 

16. VirtualStaff.ph

A virtualstaff-ph website screenshot.

Virtualstaff.ph is the safest and easiest way to hire Filipino virtual assistants. You can hire, manage, and pay your remote staff in one place. You can post jobs or create job offers for specific applicants with the desired rate and hours you want them to work. Virtual Staff Protection for employers includes enforceable contracts, NDAs, and legal recourse. 

17. Fancy Hands

A Fancy Hands website screenshot.

Fancy Hands is a virtual assistant company that connects companies with US-based virtual assistants at cost-effective pricing. The unique thing about Fancy Hands is that it’s primarily used by people who need small, very short-term, one-time tasks done for them. You can submit job requests through email, text, or the app and someone will pick up the tasks for you. You can access assistants round the clock no matter what time of day. The team handles most requests in as few as 20 minutes. Their pricing is based on how many requests you use per week/month. Requests longer than 20 minutes may burn multiple requests. 

18. Indeed

Indeed is a job listing and interview site that strives to connect job seekers to unique opportunities. This is a platform for job seekers and makes it easy and free to look for jobs, research companies, and post resumes. With over 245 million resumes, Indeed is a giant pool of talent. Job posting on the platform is cost-effective and easy to do. When you have a sponsored job posting you are more likely to get applicants flowing in. 

19. Time Etc

A web-timeetc website screenshot.

Last but not least on our virtual assistant websites list is Time Etc. They are a virtual assistant service company that pairs businesses with US or UK-based VAs. Since 2007, they’ve helped save over 1.5 million hours for over 22,000 companies. Hiring with Time Etc is easy, cost-effective, flexible, and can be canceled at any time. Access the top 2% of US talent and leave the time-consuming tasks in their hands. They specialize in administration but they also do research and social media and content marketing. 

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That wraps up our virtual assistant websites list! Now you can go start hiring VAs from trusted websites knowing that you are getting the best talent with little risk to you. 


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