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Anne McDonald, Holiday Decor Training Institute
Stephen Diaz, Rainmakers Academy
JR Rivas,
Josh Nelson, Seven Figure Agency
Carlos Alvarez, Blue Bird Marketing Solutions
Kevin Sanderson, Maximizing Ecommerce

Hundreds of 5 Star Reviews Online

"Nathan Hirsch, gotta say, brother. You and Connor Gillivan over-deliver in every aspect of this program. You're super responsive, accessible, and the program is well thought and comprehensive without being overwhelming...well done. The value of what you guys put together here is 10x what you're asking."
Kevin Ellis
"Outsource School has created hundreds of hours of productivity and momentum with absolutely AMAZING VAs that have become like family. OS has been an absolutely game changer and has shortened the learning curve to SOPs to ZERO. We added multiple 5 figures month ONE implementing them. "
Cody Jefferson
"I love this. I've used it to have an internal team work on my business and I've brought VAs on in my client's businesses as well. It's a fantastic program and there's new content added all the time. I love how they include SOPs and the tool to build them yourself if you're OCD like me when it comes to that stuff. "
Steven Werley
Maximum Effort Agency
"Nate and Connor have built an amazing membership. I wanted it to learn how to better set my company up for success with VAs on our team. This is the real deal and quite frankly the best deal on getting a handle on your business systems anywhere!"
Will Hinkson
Warriors Guide to Business
"I'm so impressed with Outsource School. Seriously it's save us so many hours of frustration and expedited our results. The ROI is already at least 100x. Seriously love this membership."
Spencer Shaw
PodKick Media
"Thank Gang. Ended up hiring the second one and she is starting Monday. Used both the scripts from the interview and onboarding modules. Feel so much better with this hiring process and using what is being taught vs before I would feel I didn't set proper expectations when onboarding. Now everything is clear and transparent."
Lob Ras
"Nathan and Connor are awesome! I hired my VA using their tactics...super happy with my VA. Don't sleep on this...grab it! You won't be disappointed."
Jay Aquino
Jay Aquino Enterprises
"The value of the information I received in less than an hour was worth the cost of the entire program. Wow guys, this is great."
Erika Metzger
Sourdough LLC
"As a proud Outsource School Insider, I can say that Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan and their awesome VA team pour their heart and soul into this community. I don't feel like a number in the group, ALL my questions get answered with more detail than I thought I needed. Seriously world-class support like none other."
Lizette Ojeda
"I just want to be the first to say -- If anyone was on the fence on how good this program/system is -- they just have to watch the process that Ana Santiago has implemented in this group. I am encouraged as I change my entire company into being remote. Great job."
JR Byrd
The ByrdOlogy Group
"I've been a member after being disenchanted with hiring VAs in the past. Nathan is the real deal and has literally scaled the VA side to scale his VA biz. He eats his own dog food and is a super helpful and impactful guy. Get this deal while it lasts."
Kevin Newman
Nocatee Ventures
"This program helped me change my mindset about scaling and building a team which helped me scale from 6 to 7 figures."
Alaa Khassa
Alaa Khassa Consulting
"Outsource School is incredibly helpful. Nate and Connor provide tons of value. It's just a no brainer if you want to scale with VAs."
Killian Markert
"This membership is so great! Thanks for making it you guys! Most entrepreneurs do not take enough time to focus on outsourcing and building SOPs. I should know, I was one of them."
Dayana Mayfield
Pitch & Profit
"I'm an Outsource School Insider and I'm really enjoying the trainings and incredible support. These guys really care about building a valuable experience that actually moves businesses forward. The intro itself will elevate your own thinking on how to better sell your own services! Highly recommended."
Jenn Morgan
Radically Distinct
"Absolute game changer. My only regret is not opting in sooner. I hemmed and hawed and was like, I could read a book or listen to a blog post or trust my gut, lol, but no. I think Outsource School finally cemented for me that I'll grow a monster business if I buy training and if I buy information (something I've always been reluctant to do.) Sure, I could figure it out on my own, through trial and error, but that is going to take too much time and it's going to be too expensive. I have clear revenue goals and I want to get there as quickly as possible. And I'll get there faster if I learn from Nathan and Connor and I'll get there faster if I hire a team. I am so freaking psyched that I found Outsource School!"
Lisa Harrington
"So many tips and processes that have improved my business. Sign up, you won't regret it. You aren't just getting access to their processes, but you're also getting a driven community that will help you scale."
Ronan Walsh
"These guys have really taken things to the next level with their playbooks, hiring practices, SOPs, and their willingness to share their knowledge gained through trial and error in building not one, but two 7 figure businesses. The information is easily consumable and most importantly actionable. If you had troubles building a team or you want to skip the pitfalls and mistakes that others have already traversed in their own journeys, you can't go wrong working with Nathan, Connor, and their team at Outsource School."
Christopher Grant
Clear the Shelf
"We signed up and were able to hire two rockstar VAs within just a couple of weeks of watching and implementing what we learned. It's super helpful and very easy to implement for success. Plus Nathan and Connor personally answered all of my questions about finding and hiring VAs and creating the right systems and processes for success. I highly recommend their training and their membership site."
Dean Levy
Levy Sales
"I just hired my first VA with the help of Nathan Hirsch and Outsource School."
Paul Maskill
"The value here is huge! If you're not in Outsource School, get on it! The tips for hiring have been invaluable as we grow our team, and the playbooks are HOT!"
Samantha Riley
Samantha Riley Global
"I thought I wasn't a "successful enough" business to start building a team. After some coaching around that mindset, I found Outsource School and it transformed my business. I started with my first hire 3 months ago, and in that time, I've built up a team of 5, including myself. This has revolutionized my mindset around my business and I've 1.5x my business revenue since going all in on hiring a team. This is BEYOND worth the investment."
Krystal Jazmin Martinez-Leoon
The Driven Entrepreneur's Virtual Assistant HQ
"I love Outsource School and Nathan Hirsch. If you think you can easily wing this process, think again. I learned a lot from this membership and Nate is always accessible for input and advice."
Tesa Gardlik
eCommerce Owner & Marketer
"Connor, Nathan, and their team have created an incredible one of a kind membership program. The quality of the modules, video, and PDFs are top quality. If you are looking to automate and scale your business, you have to check this membership program out. By the way, they are constantly adding and revising the modules."
Norm Farrar
HONU Worldwide & PR Reach
"This membership is the ultimate guide to help you grow your business. No matter what line of business you are in, you should always outsource a part of it and this membership is blueprint...whether you are a beginner or a pro, you will still get value from it. "
Josh Pather
Photo Booth International
"Nathan and Connor have a great training platform. I love the way they break down the information in small nuggets so you are not overwhelmed. I also love their templates and guides...they are huge time savers. If you are considering hiring VAs, I highly recommend you with with these guys!"
Manny Torres
"Having access to a repository of hiring knowledge I can dip into when I'm ready to delegate my next task or project is worth it's weight in gold. Nathan and Connor continue to add bite-sized content into the membership portal that allows me to outsource task-by-task without getting overwhelmed. I like to learn from the best so this membership is worth tens of thousands of dollars I have lost outsourcing the wrong way!"
Barbara Drazga
Unicorn Profits
"There is so much value in this membership. The best bit is our team members take themselves through the playbooks and get on with the jobs - no training on my part - and the jobs get delivered!"
Samantha Riley
Samantha Riley Global
"Are you wanting/needing to level up? Stop what you are doing and connect with Nathan. He and Connor are the real deal. I wish I had pulled the trigger sooner on purchasing Outsource School! If you are on the it!"
Erika Harris Metzger
Sourdough LLC
"I love what Connor and Nathan are doing with this membership program. It started as a single training (on its own, already worth the membership price), and then suddenly the whole thing BLEW UP. So much high caliber content is released daily that it's hard to keep up. I've been hiring and training for my own business and for clients for 3 years now and thought I knew what I was doing, and then the program came and pointed out so many gaps in my processes that I wasn't aware of. I watched the main trainings and playbooks a couple of times and improved my hiring and leadership processes significantly. The VAs I hire for my clients are of higher quality and I can instruct them (my clients) better how to manage their new employee. This program is a no brainer...just hop in"
Barak Almog
"Just wanted to say wow! The breakdown in the full strategies is amazing. Was able to implement the advice to grow my business far better than I thought. Well worth the membership and so pleased with the ebitda results transferred already. Able to boost my real-time strategies 4 fold which delivered real results."
Edd Keeley
"Love Outsource School. Within the first week, I was already able to implement various steps from the program, from hiring to onboarding and even to firing someone. The playbooks were super helpful, but the community has also been tremendously valuable too. Being able to get help directly from Nathan Hirsch and his team (even some of their VAs who have been sharing great insights from their perspectives) made the cost of joining the program a no-brainer. Highly recommend Outsource School to anyone who's looking to scale their business."
Duy Nguyen

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