How Can an Executive Virtual Assistant (VA) Help Your Business?

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An executive virtual assistant in semi-formal professional attire sitting at a computer desk in an office.

Are you looking for an executive virtual assistant job description to help you understand this position? If you are, then you’re in the right place! In this post, we’ll go over what the job description covers. We’ll also get into where you can find one and how to set them up to work with you.

What Is an Executive Virtual Assistant (VA)?

An executive virtual assistant is like an in-person executive assistant in many ways. The reason why executive assistants are important lies in how they help business executives. They are key in managing a variety of administrative tasks. You may think that this means that the job is easy – by no means! An executive assistant juggles many things, keeping everything organized. The job centers around the top people in the company, so they need to adjust to serve individuals in a very customized fashion. 

Executive assistants also serve as supervisors to all the other assistants in the company. Because of their proximity to the top executives, they are equipped to keep an eye on things. They are often charged with getting the right information to the right people. This can also extend to making sure other assistants keep their areas of responsibility organized.

Note that this level of assistant is way above your average VA. Make sure that you are prepared to appreciate them and compensate them as they deserve. 

What Is the Difference Between an Executive VA and A General VA?

The word executive itself helps us to understand a lot about why executive assistants are important and what they do. That then helps us understand what role a general VA plays in contrast.

An executive position means the person has a certain level of power to execute plans. An executive assistant would take instructions from the boss and get them implemented. A general VA would be in an administrative position as well, but in a department under the executive. Executive positions also entail management. The executive assistant would therefore direct and manage these other general virtual assistants. 

Note that VA roles are generally flexible. A virtual executive assistant would basically supervise whichever department and other VAs you release them to supervise. 

How Can an Executive Virtual Assistant (VA) Help Your Business?

An executive virtual assistant in a thinking pose looking at her laptop.

The common responsibilities and skills of most executive assistants are crucial to the success of the executive. We’ll go more into specific tasks below, but suffice to say that they take care of many vital support tasks. As such, they help your business by taking the load off your senior people. 

Many business owners and managers spend too much time doing this and that. This means they can’t seem to get around to doing the tasks that really move the business forward. Having an assistant alleviates that burden on time and energy. 

Below are some specific ways that executive assistant virtual help can be a game-changer.

Helping You Execute Business Plans

An executive VA can be your right-hand man. When you find the right person for this job, you can enjoy more time and peace of mind. They will take your plans and filter them down the pipeline. They can essentially be the implementer to your visionary role. These are the expert types of virtual assistants, and are rare gems.

Organization of Systems and Processes

Sometimes, you don’t yet have the infrastructure you need to execute plans. This assistant can create the necessary systems and processes for you. Systems and processes are necessary for properly implementing any plan. Without them, you are playing a hit and miss game. This means that you will waste a lot of resources before you get it right. 

Bringing in New Ideas

Because this level of executive assistant is above your average VA, they will be able to contribute a lot. They normally have loads of experience on top of a good head on their shoulders. They have also been on the ground and in the trenches a lot more. This means that they can see and evaluate things in a way that you can’t. The new ideas that can be birthed from this are priceless. 

Saving You Time

Just being able to pass a plan off to someone else is already a huge time-saver. You can save yourself 90% of the time it would take to implement it. When you find a gem of an assistant, they can come in even earlier. Help from someone who knows the ranks during the conception stages is precious. You will be set up for success because they will give valuable input to properly shape the plan. This helps you to avoid making last-minute changes because some people don’t fit your mold.

What Are Some Tasks Executive Virtual Assistants Can Help With?

An executive virtual assistant writing on a tablet in front of her laptop.

The executive virtual assistant job description you have may be different from what other people have posted. It helps to do an internet search to see what’s out there. In the end, though, you have to point out the exact skills and qualities you want for the tasks you need done. This list here comes from the most needed areas that we’ve collected over time. Use it to spark your thought process as to what your ideal virtual executive assistant looks like.

Administrative Work

This is an executive assistant’s wheelhouse. It’s also their first stage. Any assistant must be able to do a wide range of administrative work. An executive assistant, however, does it smoothly and with style. 

Scheduling becomes easy, and anyone who needs to reschedule or be moved leaves happy. You will approach your email inbox with joy when an executive assistant has been there first. They review every message and organize them by priority level. You don’t even have to answer them all because they already responded to the ones that don’t need your attention. When calls come in, everyone parts with a smile on their face. They get all the information they need and are treated with respect.

Personal Tasks

Assistants also help with similar tasks for you personally, not just the business. They can schedule personal appointments, maintain your personal records – basically anything that you want them to handle. When working with virtual assistants, just remember that they won’t be able to pick up your dry cleaning or fetch your spare keys! 

Project Management

This is also a more common executive assistant task. Since they are like an extension of the boss, they will manage all the company’s projects, up to a point. They also assist the managers, acting as a sort of go-between for executives. They will stay on top of all progress to be able to report to the boss at any given time.

Marketing and Sales

High-level executive virtual assistant job descriptions can include these specialized tasks. Did you know you could outsource sales and marketing tasks to an executive VA? Because of their past experience, they can handle several of these task types. These can include fielding sales follow-up calls, handling new hire onboarding, facilitating company-wide meetings, and the like. Make sure that you specify what you want them to oversee so you can attract the right candidates. 

Client Success Management

More than sales calls, an experiences assistant at this level can even handle existing clients. Relationship management is not a small task, though, so make sure you have the right person for the job. We’re sure that with the right leadership from you, any executive-minded assistant can grow into this role.

Social Media and Content Management

Getting a social media marketing calendar set up and organizing the teams involved is no small feat. This assistant can communicate on different levels to get everyone lined up. This includes the blog team, marketing copywriters, branding executives, graphic designers, and social teams. This way, you can publish all your social content on time for maximum results. They can, as an extension, also supervise the content marketing team. This can mean getting topics ready for writers all the way to overseeing analytics and tweaking content strategies.

Where Can I Find Reliable Executive VAs?

Top 5 Sites Where You Can Learn How to Outsource Online in 2021


Upwork is one of the oldest and the biggest network of independent contractors online. You can hire here for short or long-term needs. They offer free hiring since the VAs pay the fees on their end. They also have a full suite of hybrid workforce management tools that you can use. 


Toptal is not as big as Upwork because it hosts only the best of the best. This exclusive network of top freelancers is a great place to find executive talent. They are known for being home to expert project managers, among others. 


OnlineJobsPH can help you find top talent whether you post a job or engage them as a recruitment service. They offer vetted workers from the Philippines, and you know we love outsourcing to the Philippines!


FreeUp also offers pre-vetted talent. Their biggest selling point is the speedy process for matching you with reliable freelancers. They also have concierge-level support and service whenever you need it.


Fiverr focuses on helping you find what you need within your budget. They price per project, though, so take note of that if you’re looking to hire hourly or monthly. One advantage here is that they only deliver your payments when you approve of the work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to hire virtual assistants through an agency or directly?

In general, hiring through an agency provides an extra layer of protection. Some freelance marketplaces also provide this, though the type of protection varies. You might get payment protection but not replacement guarantees, for example. If you have recommendations from within your business network, though, you can try hiring directly. Just know that you are on your own if anything goes wrong.

Can I hire part time or full time?

You can hire freelance VAs of any type for on-off projects, hourly work here and there, half days, full days – whatever you want. You can always find someone in the world who can do what you need, when you need it.

How do I pay my virtual assistants?

You can use one of several online payment processors to handle payments to virtual assistants. Different countries support different platforms, so make sure to ask. You can get relevant information from your hiring partner or the VA themselves. Figure out what works best for both of you. Some examples include PayPal, Payoneer, and Wise.

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We love the advantages that executive virtual assistants can offer. Adding another layer of support between the business owner, managers, and teams is always helpful. It provides added structure and accountability as well as assistance.

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