15 Tasks a Copywriting Virtual Assistant Can Perfect

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A copywriting virtual assistant

Have you ever worked with a copywriting virtual assistant? You’ve probably heard of hiring a copywriter. But a virtual assistant who can handle copywriting – probably not. 

Though the really skilled ones can be rare, they do exist! And when you find one, here’s a list of 15 tasks you can pass over to them. This way, you can get quality help and save your own precious time.

1. Writing compelling sales copy for product descriptions or landing pages

Writing good sales copy that gets results requires finesse. This task also requires some understanding of A/B testing and data analytics. You may know your products well, but don’t really want to spend all that time tweaking campaigns. Maybe you’re already working with a sales virtual assistant. That’s perfectly fine! Just make sure you introduce the copywriter to them so they can work together and not end up clashing.

2. Crafting engaging blog posts or articles on specific topics

Blog posts and articles aren’t technically copy as the marketing world understands it. However, you still want these longer form content types to be attractive to customers. Blog posts and articles aren’t just for providing free information, after all. You want content that can pull readers in to make more sales.

3. Creating attention-grabbing headlines and subheadings

copywriting virtual assistantThis is a great example of what I mentioned above. These parts of blog posts and articles can use the practiced touch of a copywriting virtual assistant. Of course, headlines and subheadings apply to other types of content, too. They are used in product descriptions, social media posts, landing pages, and almost every kind of text content.

4. Proofreading and editing content for grammar, spelling, and readability

A top tier copywriting virtual assistant will be able to help you get every piece of content just right. With better skills and more experience, they can proof all your text content and tweak it to perfection. This way, you can capture your intended audience and make sure they aren’t turned off by glaring errors or even phrases that feel slightly off.

5. Conducting keyword research for SEO optimization

An SEO copywriting virtual assistant is the rarest of these rare gems. A good SEO virtual assistant who won’t ask you for the moon as payment is already quite challenging to find! But again, they are out there if you know where to look. With this treasure, you can get quality keyword research and the actual copy itself done seamlessly. We cannot stress enough how valuable this is! Smoothly integrating keywords researched by someone else into finished copy is not as easy as it sounds.

6. Writing persuasive email newsletters or campaigns

Two women with a laptop talking about a copywriting virtual assistantPersuasive writing is what copywriters do best. However, there’s additional skill involved in creating newsletter content and email campaigns. Email is one of the most underrated marketing tools that businesses have at their disposal. Getting your email marketing done right can boost your business quickly and sustainably over the long term.

7. Developing scripts for video or audio content

For this task, make sure you advertise for a copywriting virtual assistant who specializes in video or audio content. Script writing is not the same as composing an email, laying out a complete product description, or putting together a compelling call-out on social media. The right copywriter for this job will have experience plus more creative writing talent than your average copywriting marketer.

8. Creating social media posts and captions that resonate with the target audience

Social media is its own animal, and we all know that each platform has its own culture. Writing social media posts and captions that grab these varied audiences requires experience. Hire someone who has been on the different channels you need for a while and knows their lingo. 

9. Crafting compelling product or service descriptions for e-commerce platforms

copywriting virtual assistantsLike product descriptions on website landing pages, eCommerce platforms require a specific type of copy to be effective. A virtual assistant who knows the platforms you’re on and what their customers like can be a valuable asset.

10. Writing case studies or success stories to showcase business achievements

Case studies are another highly specialized area of copywriting. Success stories can also be challenging to write, especially for niche businesses. You definitely need a good copywriting virtual assistant to capture the essence of your value as a company and communicate to potential customers the value that they can expect to enjoy from your products or services. 

11. Creating persuasive copy for advertisements or promotional materials

As mentioned above, persuasive writing is right in every copywriter’s wheelhouse. However, advertising is a highly specialized field. If you have a writer who isn’t well-versed in ad copy or how to do successful promotions, you might not see much success. Hire a copywriting virtual assistant to create ads that not only draw clicks but sell more product.

12. Conducting market research to identify target audience pain points and preferences

Market research is not the most glamorous of marketing tasks. It can get really tedious! However, a copywriting virtual assistant can help you, and they can actually do it better than a researcher can. This is because they know what details about your targets are vital to create successful copy – like consumer pain points and preferences.

13. Writing persuasive call-to-action (CTA) statements for various marketing channels

If you’ve ever struggled with composing the perfect call to action, you’re not alone! Most business owners can relate to the experience. Let’s be honest – we’ve all thought at some point that it can’t be that hard, then tried and failed to write something that didn’t smell like grandpa’s favorite cheese. Don’t sweat it. We all have our weaknesses! Hire a copywriting virtual assistant and keep your peace.

14. Crafting engaging website content that captures visitors’ attention

Apart from blog posts, articles, and landing page copy, our websites all need text for each of their other pages. A copywriting virtual assistant knows what else can be added to these pages to avoid redundancy and make the best use of the prime internet real estate.

15. Creating content calendars and planning content strategies for blogs or social media platforms

When you’re running campaigns, you cannot do without content calendars that reflect well thought out strategies! And who better to set all this up than the one who knows how to implement it all? You got it, your all-star copywriting virtual assistant can come to the rescue once again. But don’t forget, these VAs have unusual skill levels, so you need to be prepared to pay higher than average rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications and skills should I look for in a copywriting virtual assistant?

The realm of copywriting is vast. The copywriting virtual assistant you hire should have the qualifications and skills that you need specifically to fulfill the task that you need help with. Use the above examples as inspiration, and be specific in your job post so you can attract the right one.

What tools and software should a copywriting virtual assistant be familiar with?

Again, this can depend on the specific tasks you are hiring for. For example, WordPress, if that’s where your website is hosted that they are writing landing page copy for. Or, Amazon, if they are composing product descriptions for products you sell on that marketplace. However, most copywriters will have a go-to writing tool that they know well, such as ProWritingAid.

Can a copywriting virtual assistant work on a project basis or only on an ongoing basis?

Yes, like most VAs out there, a copywriting virtual assistant can definitely work based on the terms that suit you best. You just need to know what you prefer and find the one who is willing to meet those expectations. Some can even accept either project-based, short-term, or even long-term commitments. 

How do I effectively communicate and collaborate with a copywriting virtual assistant?

Make sure that you have set clear expectations with the person you hire. First, they need to know how you want them to report to you. For example, do you want daily updates? Where they can reach you, and when? Second, give them clear instructions on what you want done and the results you expect. Set clear deadlines as well. 

Effective communication is vital, and we at Outsource School can help if you struggle in this area – just book a call and we’ll get a meeting set up shortly!

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Copywriting is not a simple task. This job involves a lot more than simply throwing a bunch of phrases together, loading them up with keywords, and adding in some sophisticated- sounding words. Copywriting is a delicate process that balances the science of marketing and the art of creative writing.

So, how exactly can you get a copywriting virtual assistant – the perfect combination of rare expertise and affordable help? Set up a call with us and we’ll help you find one of these absolute gems!

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