17 Real Estate Virtual Assistant Tasks to Hire For

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Real estate virtual assistant tasks are some of the easiest to hire for, if you know what you’re doing. Most real estate businesses need help with a variety of tasks. The problem is, they don’t exactly know what a VA can do and how to find the right one.

We’ve compiled a list of real estate virtual assistant tasks to get you started. These tasks may be things that are keeping you busy all day. They could also be things you didn’t even know you needed help for until now. Whatever the case, you’re going to love this list!

Let’s take a closer look at each one of these tasks to help you decide how a virtual assistant can be the support you need.


1. Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process of capturing the attention of potential customers to increase your product or service sales. The goal of lead generation is to convert these potential consumers into paying customers. Your virtual assistant can help you attract leads and even help you nurture them on their journey to conversion. A VA can help you with marketing in areas such as SEO (search engine optimization), content marketing, social media marketing, landing pages, referrals, and other ads. 

2. Data Entry

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This is the most basic of the real estate virtual assistant tasks. Data entry typically involves the compilation and updating of information (customer data, contact information, etc.). This also includes transferring information from one medium to another (manual to digital) or from one app or software to another. Data entry specialists also typically cross-reference data from multiple sources to ensure accuracy. They are also responsible for creating multiple backups in case data gets lost, corrupted, or accidentally deleted.

3. Database Management

A well-maintained real estate database is crucial to the smooth running and success of a real estate business. This database includes information about homeowners, tenant or lease data, creditor information, type of asset, locations, size, etc. You also need to maintain a record of all transactions which can also be updated by your bookkeeping VA. This data must be updated regularly and must be readily accessible.  

4. Email and Calendar Management

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You can outsource some inbox management virtual assistant tasks to your real estate VA. These tasks can range from organizing, filtering, and labeling emails to deleting junk mail and archiving old conversations. Because your VA is already handling your email, they can take note of any upcoming client or team meetings or tours, communicate them to you, and schedule them on your calendar.

5. Social Media Management

The majority of the world’s population is online and using some kind of social media. Whether it’s on sites like Facebook and Instagram or video content-driven platforms like YouTube or TikTok, you need to advertise. Otherwise, you are missing out on a “lead” gold mine. Your virtual real estate assistant can help you create content for these sites. Whether it’s graphic design, video creation, copywriting, or editing., they can help. Your VA can also help with your engagement by interacting with your followers by liking comments, replying, or answering private messages. 

6. Listing Management

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Think about all that goes into maintaining housing listings for real estate. You need to create a listing that includes the following:

  • Price of the house/property
  • Address
  • Descriptions that include the history of the property, the neighborhood, the history of renovations, the number of previous owners, unique features, etc., 
  • Photos of the property
  • Open house schedules

A virtual assistant can not only help you create these listings but also update them as they change. 

7. Market Research

Real estate virtual assistant tasks like market research are crucial to understanding the mind of your consumers. This type of research involves figuring out certain patterns and behaviors that are common to that group of people, such as:

  • What consumers in the area are more likely to look for.
  • The current trends in real estate and buyer tastes.
  • What questions house owners commonly ask.
  • The things that typically turn consumers off about a particular property. Or, what immediately hurts a potential bid on a house.
  • The marketing tactics and methods that are most effective.
  • What you can optimize in your listings and emphasize in your tours to paint your houses and properties in the best light.

8. Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

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Comparative market analysis is the estimation of the value of a property based on how much similar properties in the area have recently sold for. A virtual assistant in real estate must know how to conduct research on comparable properties in that vicinity. To buyers, it shows that your property is fairly priced. However, this is different from a formal appraisal, where a qualified professional makes an unbiased estimate of the value of a house. 

9. Showing Coordination

Multiple people might want to take house tours at the same time. Your VA can organize these showings so that clients are happy but their times do not clash. 

10. Client Communication

Whether via email or other channels, your VA can take client calls or answer client messages. They can follow up with clients who have scheduled meetings or house tours. If clients have more complicated questions that your VA cannot answer, they can mark these messages down and forward them to someone more qualified and knowledgeable. 

11. Document Preparation

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A house is a pretty big investment, and with it comes more than a few documents that need to be readied. Your virtual assistant can help clients with these documents and help check that everything is complete. 

12. Transaction Coordination

They will help make arrangements on how to pay for the property. Whether that’s putting a downpayment, directing them to payment options, or otherwise. This also includes making sure these clients get their receipts.

13. Virtual Tours and Video Editing

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Not everyone has the option to visit a house in person. With all that has happened in the world at the beginning of this decade, virtual house tours have risen in popularity. These tours allow people to see the inside of a house without actually being inside physically. This can be done through a live stream or through stitching multiple pictures together through software. The latter is more common and allows anyone to view the house at any time. You can hire a virtual assistant to help you create and edit these virtual tours. 

14. Bookkeeping and Expense Tracking

Bookkeeping is necessary for any business, big or small, in any industry. You need to keep track of expenses, bills, payroll, taxes, and other essential monthly bookkeeping duties. Doing this yourself might be possible if you are just starting. However, this becomes less sustainable in the long run. It can get tedious and time-consuming. Spending hours on expense tracking and other tasks takes away time from you selling houses or fostering partnerships with housing developers. By hiring a bookkeeping VA, you can free up your time while having the peace of mind of knowing your books are in good hands. 

15. Website Maintenance

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The housing market is volatile. This means that your website needs to be dynamic. A website whose information is wrong or out of date can turn customers away from doing business with you. That’s why it’s important to have someone constantly working on your site. 

Maintenance can include:

  • Updating listings
  • Adding new FAQs
  • Updating contact info 
  • Creating new web pages
  • Writing blog posts 
  • Editing existing content about current and new properties

16. Email Marketing

We’ve already concluded that a virtual assistant in real estate knows how to do marketing. Email marketing is no exception. Email is an effective lead generation and nurturing strategy used to grow your customer list. It can bring attention to houses or properties that may have otherwise flown under their radar. Email can also be used to retarget consumers who looked at houses previously but didn’t make the decision to buy. Your VA can create newsletters, create and edit campaigns, segment customers based on certain buyer characteristics, etc. 

17. Customer Service

An essential skill in the list of real estate virtual assistant tasks is handling customer relationships. This includes answering questions that they may have about listings through email or live chat. Your VA can also direct them to your website’s Frequently Asked Questions. You can also inform them of other contact methods if they have any further questions down the line. 

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And that’s our list of real estate virtual assistant tasks! We hope you find the virtual assistant that is perfect for your needs and can take some of the load off your shoulders. 

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