11 Best Websites to Hire Latino Virtual Assistants for Your Business

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If you’re thinking of hiring Latino virtual assistants, we think that’s a great idea! Hiring from Latin America offers a few distinct advantages, which we’ll discuss below. We’ll also give you 11 websites where you can find Latino talent, and why we like them. Each site has its own best features, so choose the one that meets your needs most closely.

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1. Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff is known for its time tracking software. However, the company developed a robust hiring platform over the past few years. We now know Hubstaff Talent as the free place where you can meet the world’s top remote talent. Companies can search for remote hires all over the globe without worrying about markups, hidden fees, or middlemen.

You pay people based on their chosen rates, so pricing can vary greatly. This is mostly due to factors like location and skill level. Of course, you will also expect to pay much less for data entry as compared to project management or consultations.

2. Outsourcely

Outsroucely has been around for some time, and offers talent from over 180 countries. Their goal is to connect you to talent that will benefit your business over the long term. They make it easy to start working with any of more than 400,000 remote workers. All the talent on this platform are competent and reliable in their fields. They focus more on long-term employment and stability, but you can also find some who are willing to do smaller projects or work part time. 

3. Virtual Latinos

If you want to stop spending your valuable time doing various busywork for your business, this is the solution. Virtual Latinos offers virtual professionals to help you focus on growing your business. They hand-pick talent from Latin America to serve business owners and entrepreneurs abroad. They hold the rank of 80th on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in America. 

These LatAm VAs can take care of your to-do list so you can get out of busyness and into productivity. You can’t have another “you” but you can hire a reliable VA. Virtual Latinos is home to fully bilingual experienced college graduates who live in your time zone and are ready to serve.

4. Near

Virtual assistants help businesses all over the world to grow faster and operate better. Near helps you hire remote VAs from Latin America risk-free and without the common times delays and additional costs. This platform works with a lot of startups, so they understand the need for affordable and reliable help. They also serve larger companies who need greater numbers of experienced talent quickly. You can start working with the VA who fits your description in about three weeks from the time you submit a request. 

Near assists companies through the process of identifying, interviewing, negotiating with, and hiring Latino virtual assistants. They only recommend professionals they already vetted, so you can feel confident. Choose from over 20,000 candidates who will bring high performance to your business to outpace the competition.

5. Upwork

Upwork is arguably the most well-known online marketplace to hire virtual assistants. This means that many businesses and freelancers flock there every day. That makes it a great place to bet on finding the best people to do the job you need done. You can join the platform at no cost to look through freelancer profiles. 

When you register, you can explore projects and book a consultation with their hiring experts. Then you can choose to post a job to attract talent or have the team search through the talent pool for you. Upwork allows you to work with the best while enjoying low transaction rates. With reduced hiring expenses, you can bring your business to the next level faster without compromising on talent. 

6. Fiverr

Fiverr believes that the right freelance service for everyone is available. They exist to draw a variety of services together so you can find the right one right away. They built the platform on the needs they saw, so Fiverr is the best of everything you need when hiring. 

Unlike most freelance marketplaces, Fiverr does not offer hourly pricing. All services are proceed per project, so you can easily stick to your budget. Because it’s project-based, you can also get quality work done more quickly. You engage a freelancer for a fixed price, and pay only when you approve the work. This platform allows you to hire someone at any time of the day or night. You can also access 24/7 support. 

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7. Freelancer.com

The world’s largest freelance marketplace has got to be the right place to hire from, right? Freelancer is a forerunner in the online hiring space, and boasts the best freelancers for any job. Top talent loves working through this platform because of their long-standing reputation. Hiring here is secure because you don’t need to pay until you’re happy with the work. You can get free quotes, too, from among more than 60 million freelancers. 

Freelancer shows you work portfolios for prospective hires so you can see samples of their previous work. You can also read reviews from past clients so you can find trustworthy talent. You’ll find them fast, too, since most projects get bids in the first minute they’re posted. Two things we love are the integrated time tracker and the mobile app that lets you track work on the go. 

8. Tecla

You can find vetted, trained, and certified freelancers to hire through this less-known website. The VAs who work here are exclusively from Latin America. They are all fluent English speakers and can work hours that match your time zone. Hiring here works by tiers, where you can engage basic-level VAs for $12 per hour. If you need more autonomous help, able to handle intricate tasks, you can hire mid-level talent for $15 per hour. These virtual assistants have diverse expertise and can work independently. You can also hire specialists at $20 per hour for tasks that require high-level support. This tier offers seasoned professionals with extensive expertise for the budget-conscious.

9. There is Talent

This is one of the few VA hiring companies based in Latin America –  Columbia, specifically. Most others are registered in other countries. This means that There is Talent knows the available Latin talent at a deeper level. 

Entrepreneurs and small business owners can get customized virtual assistance and outsourcing services here. The process involves a free strategy call with the director where she gets to know your business requirements. Then you can meet with the top matches for interviews, and hire the best fit. 

Depending on your needs, you will fall into one of three monthly plans. 10 hours weekly will cost you $499 per month. 20 hours is $799 per month, and 40 hours is $1499 per month. Each plan comes with a dedicated supervisor, onboarding assistance, weekly reporting, and technical assistance. Each VA is bilingual and has a fully-equipped workstation. If for any reason the VA you hire needs to be replaced, you will get a backup quickly and easily.

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10. Workana

This site also boasts the top remote talent in Latin America to grow your business with. Their aim is to help you develop your business quickly but also sustainably. You can find thousands of professionals here who speak both English and Spanish. They can work stable hours in your time zone. These features are what has made Workana the industry leader for remote hiring in Latin America. 

Workana values reliability in remote work, and has more than ten years of experience. With that, you can trust them alongside thousands of other companies who are expanding their businesses through the platform. 

11. Valatam

Valatam is short for “Virtual Assistance Latin America,” an agency providing remote bilingual talent. Their remote team members serve busy entrepreneurs and business owners from one side of the world to the other. One unique things about this company is their Impact Hub locations, which are co-working spaces their VAs can leverage. This raises the level of quality control the agency can provide when work-from-home solutions don’t cut it.

The virtual team at Valatam hail from several Latin American countries and boast various professional skills. They are all college graduates and most have previous experience working with international companies. Their aim is to provide expert, dedicated assistance so you save time and money and avoid stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why consider hiring Latino Virtual Assistants?

Most Latino virtual assistants are well-educated and eager to work for companies in the US and Canada. They pursue these posts because of the opportunities for growth that come along with the work. So, you get top talent without needing to pay top dollar. 

Hiring Latino virtual assistants is also a nearshore hiring model, which means close physical proximity. This ensures that hires have a greater familiarity with American and Canadian cultures. You will tend to be more aligned than with freelancers from far-flung regions. This applies in terms of work ethic and values as well as business practices. As a result, you can enjoy smoother collaboration and fewer misunderstandings. You will also have more opportunities to meet with them in person because they do not live too far away.

The tech scene in Latin America is growing. This also means a skilled workforce at affordable rates. As time goes by, the hourly savings you enjoy grow even more profitable. You get streamlined operations and positive ROI from increased efficiency and higher productivity.

What language skills can I expect from Latino VAs?

Most Latino virtual assistants are bilingual. Some even speak a third language. This can be of great value to companies in regions where there are large Spanish- and English-speaking populations. Companies that serve these communities can serve them better with staff that can smoothly transition between languages. The rapport and ease that this fosters with customers is invaluable. 

What are the typical working hours for Latino VAs?

Latino VAs usually work during their day, but can be flexible as well. Being in similar and neighboring time zones, they usually have only up to a two-hour time difference from US and Canadian time zones. This makes communication easy because they will usually be working the same hours. You can reach out to them in real-time during your workday. This means no time lags that could potentially interfere with meetings and decision-making processes. They can cover day shifts without additional strain, which is a huge advantage.

What tasks can Latino Virtual Assistants handle?

Latino VAs can handle just about any type of task that you can perform over the internet. Most are highly educated, some coming out of the professional world to seek fresh opportunities. The term “virtual assistant” can carry negative connotations because of the way it has been used. However, it simply means someone who doesn’t live near you and can offer you the help that you need. Many experts in their fields actually prefer to work remote these days, and that does not diminish their skill level.

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Hiring Latino virtual assistants can be the best decision you make for your business. Latinos make excellent additions to any team because of their similar work times, bright culture, and proximity. With a reliable hiring partner, you can build a team of VAs that bring excellence but won’t break the bank.

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