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Meet the Outsourcing Experts

Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan

The Problem

Do You Struggle With Hiring and Scaling?

The Solution

Outsource School Will ...

What You Get

Trainings & SOPs to Make Outsourcing Simpler

Gain access to our proven processes for all of the following:







Virtual Assistants

Customer Service


Email Management

Team Leaders


Making SOPs


Lead Generation

Sales Work

Graphic Design

Video Editing

Podcast Outreach


Influencer Outreach

Social Media

Hear How We're Helping Real Businesses

Anne McDonald, Holiday Decor Training Institute
Stephen Diaz, Rainmakers Academy
"Nathan Hirsch, gotta say, brother. You and Connor Gillivan over-deliver in every aspect of this program. You're super responsive, accessible, and the program is well thought and comprehensive without being overwhelming...well done. The value of what you guys put together here is 10x what you're asking."
Kevin Ellis
"I'm so impressed with Outsource School. Seriously it's saved us so many hours of frustration and expedited our results. The ROI is already at least 100x. Seriously love this membership."
Spencer Shaw
PodKick Media
"The value here is huge! If you're not in Outsource School, get on it! The tips for hiring have been invaluable as we grow our team, and the playbooks are HOT!"
Samantha Riley
Samantha Riley Global
"We signed up and were able to hire two rockstar VAs within just a couple of weeks of watching and implementing what we learned. It's super helpful and very easy to implement for success. Plus Nathan and Connor personally answered all of my questions about finding and hiring VAs and creating the right systems and processes for success. I highly recommend their course and their membership site."
Dean Levy
Levy Sales
"The value of the information I received in less than an hour was worth the cost of the entire program. Wow guys, this is great."
Erika Metzger
Sourdough LLC
"This program helped me change my mindset about scaling and building a team which helped me scale from 6 to 7 figures."
Alaa Khassa
Millionaire Mafia

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  • Access to 15+ Outsource School trainings
  • New trainings released every month
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