How to Make a SOP Playbook

Learn how to easily and quickly create standard operating procedures in SimplySOP or on your own using our unique template for SOPs.

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What you'll learn

✓ What is a SOP?
✓ How SOPs can help your business grow faster
✓ When should you start creating SOPs?
✓ A process for identifying tasks within your business that need their own SOPs
✓ A proven template for creating your own SOPs
✓ How to define the purpose of your SOP
✓ How to build out the step-by-step process for your SOPs

✓ How to create No Nos and Important Reminders for your SOPs
✓ How to use the SimplySOP software to build your SOPs
✓ Strategies to hire a SOP Manager 
✓ Specific interview, onboard, and management tips
✓ Other tips and tricks for creating high quality SOPs that will last a long time

Training content

How to Make a SOP Playbook PDF

→ Getting started: An overview to the Influencer Playbook
→ Step #1: List Out all of the Key Tasks Within Your Business
→ Step #2: Use the Outsource School SOP Template to Create a SOP
→ Step #3: Define the Purpose of your SOP
→ Step #4: Create the Step by Step Process
→ Step #5: Add Final Reminders and No Nos to your SOP
→ Step #6: Share the SOP with your Virtual Assistant/Team Member
→ Final Tips for Making SOPs
→ Next Steps to Take

SOP Playbook Video Walkthrough

→ Learn exactly how to create the playbook to make your own SOPs in SimplySOP.

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How to Make a SOP Playbook

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