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What's a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)?

A standard operating procedure, often called a SOP, is a procedure for a specific task within your business. 

SOPs can be a combination of video, text, screenshots, and step-by-step directions teaching how to complete the task. 

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Video Recorder

Record video SOPs

Use the SimplySOP Desktop app to record the steps of your SOP. With one click, move to the next step, and continue until you’re finished with the SOP. Think of a simpler Loom specific for your standard operating procedures!

Text Editor

Build out text SOPs

Create text standard operating procedures from scratch or add text to your video SOPs so all of the steps are clearly outlined. 


Share SOPs with your team

Once your procedure is created, easily share it with your team through email or invite them with a link. They’ll be able to create an account and view the SOP within a few clicks. 

If you want your team to help edit the SOP, quickly give them Edit access and they’ll be able to help you grow your SOPs. 


Store all of your SOPs in one place for easy access

As you create your procedures, store them all securely within your SimplySOP account. Gone are the days of the Google Drive black hole! Access all of your SOPs in one place at all times and enjoy up to 1 TB of storage. 


Add people to teams and let them edit your SOPs

Create teams and invite colleagues to your SimplySOP account so they can view and edit SOPs for your business. 

Also, there’s no limit to how many colleagues and teams you can have so add as many as you’d like! 

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