The Podcast Outreach Formula

Get More Podcast Interviews with our Proven System for Outreach Using VAs

Podcasts are growing rapidly and they're looking for new guest all the time. The can get on them using a VA.

Are you struggling to get on podcasts?

It can be hard! We know because we spent months testing different strategies to get onto podcasts when we first started our second business, FreeeUp. We landed a few podcast interviews, but the time it took us to find podcasts and qualify them took away from working on our business. Combine that with getting rejected a lot and we had to figure out a better process.

Is research taking too much of your time?

Podcast research and outreach takes a lot of time. From doing the initial research into the right podcasts for you to pitch, to finding contact information for the podcast host, to actually reaching out with a good email pitch…the time adds up and can pull you away from other things in your business. Not to mention that once you send the pitch, you need to follow up and make sure that they actually give you a shot at being a guest. If you do it right, it can easily eat up 2-3 hours of your day. We experienced the same thing at first, but eventually realized that it was the perfect role for a virtual assistant.

Are hosts not responding to you?

Podcast hosts are super busy people, right? On an average day, the more popular podcasts probably get tens if not hundreds of people reaching out asking if they can be a guest on their podcast. How do you differentiate yourself from the pack and make the podcast host interested in what you’re saying? How do you craft an email or social media pitch that grabs their attention and makes then think, “Wow, I need this person…my audience would absolutely love them and their content.” Easier said than done, but in this Formula, we share exactly what we’ve learned over the years and exact outreach templates that you can use to increase your chances of being heard by podcast hosts. 

Are you not optimizing the shows that you are able to get on?

Once you actually land an interview on a podcast, you then need to be ready to absolutely NAIL it. From the right tech set up to knowing the questions of the interview beforehand to having stories that you can share to avoiding the “um’s” and “uh’s” to creating a good rapport with the host during the interview…there’s a hell of a lot that goes into nailing the actual interview once you get on one. If you’re feeling nervous and weary about the podcasts that you are getting, we’ll give you a formula you can follow for prepping for interviews so your confidence will soar and podcast hosts will be impressed by your preparation. After going on 300+ podcasts we know what to expect and how to prepare you.

Do you wish someone else could handle the research for you?

Imagine that…having a system for all of the research and being able to pass it off to someone else so that all you have to focus on is actually pitching and landing the interview and dominating it once the podcast host is ready to record…

Would that be a dream or what? In this Formula, we’ll teach you exactly how to get to that point. You’ll save hours each day by passing the repetitive work off to a reliable virtual assistant and you’ll be able to focus your time on the parts of the podcast pitch and interview that matter the most. 

Do you long for getting on higher level podcasts?

If you’re already getting on podcasts, are you always wishing that you could get on even better ones? Of course you are. It’s natural that we always want to take things to the next level. If you’re focused on business podcasts, you want to get to the Entrepreneur on Fire level where thousands of people are hearing your interview and visiting your business because of it. It’s by no means an easy task to accomplish, but we know from experience that it’s 100% possible with hard work and the right system. 

Is this course for you?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, this Formula is a perfect fit for you. We’ve spent the past 4 years mastering the art of podcast research, outreach, and interviews and we’re putting it all into this Formula. Collectively, we’ve been on over 300 podcasts and we’ve developed a system of working with virtual assistants that truly works. 

We’ve seen the positive outcomes of podcast interviews (increased traffic, increased new customers, increased word of mouth, and improved brand awareness) and we want to share that knowledge with you so that you can tap into the same results as well. 

Whether you’re looking to get on your first podcast ever or you’ve been on a bunch already, this Formula will give you a tested and proven system for research, outreach, and mastering podcast interviews that you can use for years to come. Best yet, the system is optimized for using a virtual assistant so that your time is valued and only spent on the highest impact areas of the process. 

"I saw Nathan doing a lot of podcasts so I reached out to find out the benefits and how he got on so many. I learned some of his strategies and quickly applied it to my business. I hired a VA from FreeeUp and 4 months later I have been on over 100 podcasts. It is now a key part of our marketing plan going forward. As time has progressed, I have been featured on larger and larger podcasts and have seen our brand grow simultaneously. I strongly recommend this formula to anyone that wants a simple and easy to use strategy to get on more podcasts using a part-time virtual assistant."
Chris Meade
Owner of CrossNET

Introducing the Podcast Outreach Formula

A proven and comprehensive system for landing more podcast interviews with a virtual assistant. Multiple tested SOPs to share directly with a virtual assistant for them to handle. Outreach templates. Interviewing tips. And advice on how to interview, onboard, train, and manage the VA you’ll be working with. All available with a 30 day guarantee and 30 days of unlimited email support. 

Here's what you'll master...


A Tested Process to Hire a Podcast VA

Get the exact questions we ask when interviewing and hiring virtual assistants for helping us get on more podcasts. 


A Rubric for Onboarding Your Podcast VA

Set expectations correctly upfront. You’ll get the step by step process we follow to onboard podcast VAs so they’re ready to start working quickly and efficiently with you. 


Proven SOPs for Podcast Research and Outreach

Gain access to our SOPs that we use for researching and contacting podcast hosts. You’ll be able to learn them yourself and pass them off to a virtual assistant to handle the work for you. 


Communication Strategies to Ensure Efficiency

Learn our time-tested methods for daily check ins, weekly updates, and emergency protocols so you never lose touch with your podcast VA. 

Nail the Interview

Tips to Impress Podcast Hosts & Perfect the Interview

Understand our best practices for communicating with hosts, preparing for the interview, nailing the interview, following up with the host, and much more. 


Get an actionable system to quickly implement so you land more podcast interviews using a VA.


Fast email support for questions you have as you’re setting up your podcast outreach system.


An online community to interact with as you’re learning and implementing the podcast system.


Gain skills directly from our experiences being on 250+ podcasts in the past 4 years.

A Proven System for Getting More Podcast Interviews

Section 1: The Introduction

  • Meet one of your instructors, Nathan Hirsch, as he talks about the Podcast Outreach System and how it came to be over the past 4 years. 
  • Meet your other instructor, Connor Gillivan, as he talks about the behind-the-scenes of the system and how it can be applied to other areas of building your online presence as well. 

Section 2: Interviewing

  • The Type of Podcast VA to Look For 
    • Cheat sheet: Traits to Looks for & Traits to Avoid
  • The Ideal Set Up with your Podcast VA
  • Creating the Job Post for the Podcast VA Role
    • Cheat sheet: Job Post Template for Podcast VA 
  • How to Interview for the Podcast VA Role
  • Questions to Ask While Interviewing for the Podcast VA

Section 3: Onboarding

  • How to Onboard your Podcast Outreach VA
    • Cheat sheet: The SICC Method for the Podcast VA

Section 4: Training

  • Introduction of the SSS Training Technique 
    • Cheat sheet: SSS Training Specific to Podcast Outreach VA
  • SOP Training for Podcast Outreach
  • SOP for finding podcasts using big names
  • SOP for finding podcasts using lists and directories
  • Overall tips for pitching and landing podcasts
    • Cheat sheet: One Sheeter for Pitching to Host
  • Having your VA Send the Pitches

Section 5: Managing your VA

  • Communication Strategies to Set Up
    • Cheat sheet: Template for daily check-ins
    • Cheat sheet: Template to keep track of which podcasts you’ve been on

Section 6: Nailing the Interview

  • Nailing the Interview: Before the show, during the show, after the show.
    • Cheat sheet: Tips for Nailing the Interview
  • Using the Podcast Outreach Formula to land speaking opportunities and virtual summits. 

Section 7: Conclusion

  • Final tips on running the Podcast Outreach Formula with a virtual assistant and impressing podcast hosts.
  • Final thanks and recommendations on other Formulas and content to take through Outsource School. 

When you enroll today, you'll also get...

30 Days of Support

As a part of the course, you’ll receive 30 days of email support with us where you can ask them any questions you have about the Podcast Outreach Formula. 

Normally we charge $1,000 per hour and you’re getting access to us for 30 days as a part of this course. 

Yes, that’s right. If you have questions as you’re going through the course material, reach out and we’ll be glad to help and provide advice where we can 🙂 

Who are Nathan and Connor?

Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan are 10+ year entrepreneurs. They built their first eCommerce business to $25 million in total sales using virtual assistants. Then, they scaled and sold their second company, FreeeUp, with a 100% remote team of virtual assistants. They have been recognized on 250+ podcasts such as Entrepreneur on Fire and were on the Entrepreneur 360 List for two years in a row commending them as one of the best entrepreneurial companies in America. At their core, they are systems entrepreneurs always looking for new ways to automate and outsource to virtual assistants and talented professionals.

Why trust us to teach you podcast outreach?

We’re entrepreneurs just like you. 

For 10+ years, we’ve been working together scaling digital businesses with remote teams and we’ve had to learn from our own mistakes.

For years, we struggled, hired the wrong people, ran into turnover, and were frustrated with the current education out there surrounding hiring and scaling with virtual assistants. 

With our first eCommerce business, we scaled it to a team of 30+ virtual assistants and sold over $25 million on the Amazon Marketplace.

With our second business, FreeeUp, we scaled it into a team of 45+ virtual assistants and $12 million in yearly revenue from a $5,000 initial investment. 

In 2019, we sold FreeeUp and the team of 45+ virtual assistants to The HOTH. 

After scaling and selling FreeeUp, we decided it was time that we share our exact systems for how we did it so other entrepreneurs could replicate our success.

We wanted to create a better online education platform where entrepreneurs could really learn how to scale with a remote team and avoid all of the pitfalls we had to fight through. 

A big part of growing and selling FreeeUp was being heard on business and entrepreneurship podcasts. From the very start, we were focused on getting on as many as possible and creating systems that made it less time consuming on our parts to keep it going consistently.

Over the years, we tinkered with processes we found to work best and we implemented virtual assistants within the system using SOPs and tested methods for interviewing, onboarding, training, and managing. 

In this Formula, we share our years of experimentation and success with you so you too can set up a successful system for reaching out to podcasts and landing interviews with them. 

We’d love to help you achieve your podcast interview dreams. We hope you’ll give us a shot!


Nathan Hirsch & Connor Gillivan, Co-founders of Outsource School

"Nate and Connor at Outsource School are the dynamic duo of teamwork, professionalism, and great info! They do an amazing job of being nimble and accurate in this fast-paced and ever-changing digital age."
Nick Baker
"Nathan is the authority. Don't waste your time with other sources of information about outsourcing. Nathan has done it over and over and over. If you listen to what he has to say, you'll have as close to as seamless of an experience as possible with your VA hiring."
Scott Margolius
Business Owner
"The best place to learn outsourcing! I've been following Nate and Connor through their work on FreeeUp for nearly two years and I can't speak highly of them both. For anyone who is thinking about learning how to outsource, who to outsource and why it's so critical to grow your business then you've come to the right place!"
Alex Barbas

If you've read this far, we challenge you to think...

If you’ve come this far, it’s fair to say you’re interested in getting interviewed on more podcasts…

What if just one idea in The Podcast Outreach Formula…
helps you create an overall system that you can use within your business for landing more podcast interviews without it taking up too much more of your time?

What if just one strategy in The Podcast Outreach Formula…
helps you finally break through to reach more podcast hosts? or helps you to better prepare for podcast interviews once you land them?

What if just one technique in The Podcast Outreach Formula…
helps you save more time in your day? Helps you to reach more potential customers with your story and message without having to putting in the work on the mundane and repetitive work of researching podcasts? 

How do you put a price on that? What would it be worth to you…$1,000?…$5,000?…$10,000…more?

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Don’t miss an opportunity to scale your business faster with a proven system that won’t take up much more of your time.

The Podcast Outreach Formula

The key to success in landing more podcast interviews.
$ 397 one time fee
  • The Podcast Outreach Formula Course 1.0: This includes full access to all training materials (videos, worksheets, cheat sheets, activities, etc.) $1,000 value.
  • Access to the OutsourceSchool community: Network and learn from fellow entrepreneurs and business owners mastering their craft of hiring VAs. Priceless.
  • Unlimited Email Support: 30 days of all-you-can-ask email support from Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan.
  • Over the Shoulder Videos: Watch as Nathan and Connor walk you through the techniques explained in the course.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the Podcast Outreach Formula for 30 days…

…100% risk free.

If you don’t find real, actionable value in the Formula content and materials (videos, activities, cheat sheets, screen shares, etc.), reach out to the Outsource School Support Team ( within the 30 days, show us that you’ve completed some of the activities, and we’ll issue you a full refund…no questions asked. 

We understand there may be hesitation when signing up for the Formula, but we don’t want you to feel held back. 

That’s why we confidently offer the 30 day satisfaction guaranteed refund so you can test out the Formula, see what it’s all about, and then make a calculated decision of whether it was useful to you or not. 

At the end of the day, we’re not here to cheat anyone. We want the best for you and everyone else that participates in the Formula. 

Our goal is to build a thriving community of entrepreneurs and businesses who are running remote teams efficiently. 

If you feel that the Formula doesn’t provide you with those tools, let us know and we’ll make it right. 

""Trust Nate! I have been following Nate for some 4 years. The growth he achieved by utilizing VAs is mind-boggling. He took a small company and grew it to an industry leader. All utilizing VAs, WOW""
Martin Garfinkel
"I've worked with Nate for almost a year, and he's helped me get the absolute best from my outsourced team. His expertise and advice are helping me take my business to the next level."
Miro Posavec
Business Owner
"This is THE resource to learn about hiring and training VA's. Even using vetted VA's can be challenging. If you are going to do your own hiring and training, you'll save yourself countless hours and headaches by taking Nathan and Connor's advice."
Scott Margolius
Business Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

Things you may be wondering about

While it will vary greatly upon how much time you spend on the Formula per day and how quickly you take the actions that we suggest throughout the Formula, you should be able to finish the Formula within 14 days of purchasing. 

We’ve set up all of the sections and modules within the Formula to move you along quickly towards actionable steps in hiring a podcast outreach VA and setting up the podcast outreach system.

If you have any questions while going through the Formula, you can always reach us at 

There are indeed! If you click the buy buttons on this page, you’ll be brought to a checkout window where you can purchase the course at a one-time price or for 3 installments over the next 3 months. We are here to support you and your financial situation. If you want the course, but are having issues with the price, feel free to purchase with a payment plan or reach out to us with questions. 

The Podcast Outreach Formula will be open and available for the foreseeable future. It’s our goal to help and educate as many entrepreneurs and business owners as possible as they work to get on more podcasts and automate their internal operations. With that in mind, we have no plans of closing the Formula off to anyone that wants to purchase it. 

We’re always available to you and we work hard to provide quick responses. You can always reach us at with any questions, inquiries, or feedback. We look forward to hearing from you 🙂 

We have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on the course. If for any reason you feel that the course has not delivered on its value, reach out to us at and we’ll submit you a full refund. We’re not looking to cheat anyone and we want you to feel confident in the course’s value.

We want to see you succeed...


We never had the guidance we needed when scaling our businesses remotely. 

It slowed us down, set us back, and forced us to learn from our own mistakes. 

Hell, it took us at least 5 years initially to understand how it could be done effectively.

We created Outsource School and The Podcast Outreach Formula so you don’t have to endure the same frustrations.

If you’re struggling to make a decision, think of the goals that you have for your business and your personal brand over the next year. Think of who you want to become and where you want your name to be heard. 

If you’re envisioning a future where you’re regularly appearing on podcast interviews and people know you from your podcast interviews, then this Formula is a right fit for you. 

We want to see you succeed and we’ll be there for you as you make it through the Podcast Outreach Formula. 

Best case scenario, you walk away with a proven system for researching and landing new podcast interviews using a virtual assistant. 

Worst case, you feel like you really didn’t get what you expected and we’ll give you a full refund.

Like we said above, we’re not here to cheat anyone. 

We love scaling remote teams and using podcast interviews to grow businesses. We want to share that passion with you so you can do it too. 

If you have any questions, reach out to us personally at 

We’re here for you. 


Nathan Hirsch & Connor Gillivan

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