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Stop wasting time on hiring and use it to your advantage.

Turnover can crush a business and slow it down really fast. We know from experience. When we were scaling and hiring for our first eCommerce business, we spent years hiring the wrong person. Time and time again, we would hire someone, they’d get started, and then they’d disappear. Or their attitude was awful. Or the work quality just wasn’t there. Hours of work down the drain. Each time it happened, it set our business back. We hated it. Has this ever happened to you?

Hiring is complex. It’s not a simple task to take on as a business owner and it requires the right playbook to get you A+ hires. If you’re struggling to hire the right people, it may very well be because you don’t have the right hiring system in place yet. That’s 100% okay. We went years hiring without a good system in place…and we paid for it. Through taking this Formula, you’re going to get our exact hiring playbook so you have a strong foundation moving forward. Hiring without an effective system can and will lead to bad hires. Don’t make that mistake again.

How many tasks do you have on your plate right now? Probably too many to even count, right?! Scaling a business requires constant delegation. If you don’t, you end up working 10+ hours per day IN the business on menial and repetitive tasks. You never have time to work ON the business thinking about strategy, growth, and scale. A reliable VA can turn the tables. A reliable VA can take small, time consuming tasks off your plate so you can focus on the bigger picture. They can communicate with you each day regarding their tasks, they can take on new projects as you have them, and they can be a strong backbone to your business.

When we started building our first business, we did EVERYTHING. Bookkeeping, inventory management, customer service, product listing, sales, marketing, design…you name it and one of us did it. We loved setting everything up, but then we were stuck. We couldn’t think of how to grow because we were so wrapped up in the operations and nitty-gritty of the business. Sound familiar? We knew something had to change and that’s when we were introduced to the idea of virtual assistants. It would be one of the most game changing discoveries we ever made. And it set us on a new path towards being actual business owners and not just business doers.

Communication is everything when managing people. Whether in an office or remote, a team can’t reach their highest potential without effective communication. Without set communication channels and check ins set up, teams can disconnect and lose focus on growing the business. We’ve seen it happen plenty of times with our companies and with clients we’ve worked with. It absolutely cannot be something that you overlook. It can make or break the future growth of your business. We’re here to make sure that you don’t make that vital mistake and that you have a proven communication playbook for managing your team. You ready?

Is your team all A players? Is there anyone on the team that holds the entire team back? One bad egg can poison the entire team and slow growth. In our 10+ years of hiring, we’ve seen plenty of bad eggs and their immediate impact on the rest of the team. If you’re dreaming of growing a dream team and scaling faster, you need to be critical in your interview and onboarding processes. Looking at just one’s resume and skills isn’t enough. You need to look at their cultural fit, their communication habits, and their overall attitude. With these criteria, you can pick the A players out of the haystack and build a team focused on driving growth for your business. Don’t you wish you had all A players?

Hiring a virtual assistant doesn’t have to be full time. I repeat, you do not have to hire a virtual assistant for 40 hours per week. Virtual assistants are amazing hires because you can start them at 5 or 10 hours per week then slowly increase their hours as your business grows and you can afford them for more time. If you’re thinking that this Formula is only for people hiring full time VAs, please know that you can hire virtual assistants for as little as 5 to 10 hours per week and still utilize the systems and processes from the Formula.

100%. Virtual assistants don’t only work for one type of business. They can work with Amazon sellers, Shopify store owners, real estate agents, SASS companies, agencies, restaurants, coaches, and tons of other businesses. If you have repetitive tasks that you need to take off your plate so you can focus on more important things in your business, a virtual assistant is exactly what you need. In the Formula, you’ll learn all about the systems and strategies that you can apply to your business (no matter what it is) so you can save more time and money on a daily basis.

Great question! We get this one all of the time. Virtual assistants range between $5 to $10 per hour depending on their experience and the skill set that you’re looking to hire them for. We go into this in more depth in the Formula as well giving you a good baseline for what to expect when it comes to pricing for virtual assistants and how it can change slightly when you’re looking to hire someone more specialized like a web developer or expert copywriter.

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, this system is perfect for you. We’ve spent 10+ years recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and managing hundreds of virtual assistants while scaling our 2 businesses, one which was sold with a team of 45+ VAs. We had the same exact struggles hiring and we never could find a reliable source of information online that could give us the playbook we needed. So we went out and built it ourself. This system will give you the exact steps you can take to build your dream business with a reliable and skilled team of VAs. You owe it to yourself to use this system so you can truly scale your business how you want to.

With Outsource School, you get access to our VA hiring course, Cracking the VA Code. You also get access to 15+ other mini-courses and SOPs for hiring specific VAs for your business. You also get access to our private online community where you can ask us direct questions as you are hiring your VAs. 

Here's What Customers Are Saying

Stephen Diaz, Rainmakers Academy
Kevin Sanderson, Maximizing Ecommerce
"Nathan Hirsch, gotta say, brother. You and Connor Gillivan over-deliver in every aspect of this program. You're super responsive, accessible, and the program is well thought and comprehensive without being overwhelming...well done. The value of what you guys put together here is 10x what you're asking."
Kevin Ellis
"We signed up and were able to hire two rockstar VAs within just a couple of weeks of watching and implementing what we learned. It's super helpful and very easy to implement for success. Plus Nathan and Connor personally answered all of my questions about finding and hiring VAs and creating the right systems and processes for success. I highly recommend their training and their membership site."
Dean Levy
Levy Sales
"Outsource School has created hundreds of hours of productivity and momentum with absolutely AMAZING VAs that have become like family. OS has been an absolutely game changer and has shortened the learning curve to SOPs to ZERO. We added multiple 5 figures month ONE implementing them. "
Cody Jefferson

What You Get


A Process to Interview and Find the Best VAs

Our CARE Interview Process gives you the secrets to hiring the best VAs for your business. Proven from 10+ years of practice. 


A Step by Step Method to Onboard your VAs

Take control early. Learn to set clear expectations with our SICC Method: schedule, Internet, communication, and culture. Never take a step back once you get started.


A Simple SOP for Training VAs

Learn our training process so you can avoid wasted time on new VAs. Follow our SSS Training Technique to sample, show, and submit with all VAs you hire and you’ll have SOPs ready for training at all times. 


Strategies to Manage Your VAs

Use our BARF Method for managing your VAs. Learn to choose a communication stack, set up daily updates, hold weekly meetings, and conduct quarterly 1 on 1’s with your VAs. 

Action Steps

We give you to do’s throughout the course so that you can start hiring for VAs as you complete the course content. 


Email us at any time and we’ll help you apply the strategies and answer questions as you’re hiring your VAs.


Get access to our online community. You’ll meet entrepreneurs hiring VAs and get to ask questions to Nathan and Connor.


Gain skills directly from Nathan and Connor that you can use while hiring VAs to scale your business to 6, 7, and 8 figures. 

Completed by 500+ Business Owners

"Nathan and Connor have a great training platform. I love the way they break down the information in small nuggets so you are not overwhelmed. I also love their templates and guides...they are huge time savers. If you are considering hiring VAs, I highly recommend you with with these guys!"
Manny Torres
"Nathan and Connor are awesome! I hired my VA using their tactics...super happy with my VA. Don't sleep on this...grab it! You won't be disappointed."
Jay Aquino
Jay Aquino Enterprises
"This program helped me change my mindset about scaling and building a team which helped me scale from 6 to 7 figures."
Alaa Khassa
Millionaire Mafia
"I thought I wasn't a "successful enough" business to start building a team. After some coaching around that mindset, I found Outsource School and it transformed my business. I started with my first hire 3 months ago, and in that time, I've built up a team of 5, including myself. This has revolutionized my mindset around my business and I've 1.5x my business revenue since going all in on hiring a team. This is BEYOND worth the investment."
Krystal Jazmin Martinez-Leoon
The Driven Entrepreneur's Virtual Assistant HQ
"This membership is the ultimate guide to help you grow your business. No matter what line of business you are in, you should always outsource a part of it and this membership is blueprint...whether you are a beginner or a pro, you will still get value from it. "
Josh Pather
Photo Booth International
"The value of the information I received in less than an hour was worth the cost of the entire program. Wow guys, this is great."
Erika Metzger
Sourdough LLC

Our fundamental course

Cracking the VA Code

Learn the exact methods we've used to hire hundreds of virtual assistants from the Philippines.

Here's what's inside the course:

Section 1: The Introduction

  • Meet your Instructors, Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan.
  • Get Introduced to the IOTM System 
  • Complete an Activity Evaluating Your Business and Setting Goals for Where You Want It to Be by the End of the Training.

Section 2: Interviewing (The CARE Interview Process)

  • What Is a Virtual Assistant and What Traits Make a Really Good One.
  • Where Can You Hire VAs From and Important Things to Know About Hiring from the Philippines.
  • How to Decide What Task to Hire for First in your Business.
  • How to Conduct an Interview Using Just Chat (Skype/Slack) and the CARE Interview Process.

Section 3: Onboarding (The SICC Method)

  • How to Set Up a Working Schedule with your VA
  • How to Deal with Internet Issues, Power Outages, and Disappearing VAs
  • How to Set Up Communication Channels with your VA
  • How to Onboard for Company Goals and Culture

Section 4: Training (The SSS Technique)

  • What is a SOP and How Do You Build Your Own?
  • How to Train with a SOP using the SSS Training Technique. SSS stands for Study, Sample, Show.

Section 5: Managing your VA (The BARF Method)

  • The BARF Method (Buying in, Appreciation, Relationship, Family)
  • How to Manage Your VA on a Weekly Basis with Daily Checkins, Weekly Meetings, and Wuarterly Check-ins.
  • How to Use a Task Management System like Trello to Manage Your VA
  • How to Set Up Bonus and Raise Policies
  • How to Fire Someone When It’s Not Working Out
  • How to Scale Your Team Past 1 VA, 5 VAs, 10 VAs.

All sections are packed with downloadable cheat sheets and activities to make it easy to implement within your business.

Meet Your Instructors

Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan

Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan have been building businesses together for the past 10 years. 

They built their first eCommerce business to $25 million in total sales using virtual assistants. Then, they scaled their second company, FreeUp, to 8 figures with a 100% remote team of virtual assistants. FreeUp was acquired in 2019. 

They have been recognized on 450+ podcasts such as Entrepreneur on Fire and were on the Entrepreneur 360 List for two years in a row.

Why Trust Us?

We Failed Hiring VAs Too...

For years, we struggled, hired the wrong people, ran into turnover, and were frustrated with the current education out there surrounding hiring and scaling with virtual assistants.

Once we figured it out, it all clicked. We scaled our Amazon business to $25 million in total sales. Then we scaled FreeUp to 8 figures and an exit. Today, we’re scaling EcomBalance. 

We couldn’t have done it without the secrets we share in Outsource School. We decided after selling FreeUp that we wanted to help other business owners that had the same struggles. 

When You Buy Today, You'll Also Receive...

Our goal is to give you everything you need to start successfully hiring VAs within days of starting the course. Will you join us?

Private Facebook
Group Access

In addition to support, you’ll be invited to join the Outsource School Facebook group where you can ask questions, interact with us, and meet other business owners scaling with virtual talent. 

Only Outsource School customers will be invited into the group and we’ll regularly share tips and advice on scaling your business faster with virtual assistants. 

15+ Bonus VA Hiring Playbooks

Get access to our 15+ VA playbooks that teach you our exact systems for hiring for specific VA positions. 

The playbooks cover hiring VAs for bookkeeping, customer service, lead generation, podcast interviews, video editing, graphic design, project management, software development, email marketing, writing, and much more

Monthly Live Coaching

Live Coaching calls run every month at different times catering to customers all over the world. 

Join to ask questions, learn about new tactics, and hear how others are hiring VAs for their business. 

Are You Ready to Master Outsourcing?

For only $997, you’ll gain the skills you need to skip years of frustration and bad hiring. We stand behind our processes and will refund you if you don’t find them useful.

Outsource School

The best outsourcing training online for entrepreneurs.
$ 997 For 1 full year of access!
  • The Complete Cracking the VA Code Course: This includes full access to all training materials (videos, worksheets, cheat sheets, activities, etc.)
  • 15+ Bonus VA Hiring Playbooks: Our exact systems for hiring specific VA positions within your business.
  • Access to the Outsource School Private Facebook Group: Network and learn from fellow entrepreneurs and business owners mastering their craft of hiring VAs.
  • Support: All-you-can-ask email support from the Outsource School team.

Backed By Our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Try Outsource School for 30 days…100% risk free.

If you don’t find real, actionable value in the content and materials, reach out to us at within 30 days, show us that you’ve completed some of the activities, and we’ll issue you a full refund…no questions asked. 

We’re not in the business of screwing anyone over. We want to see you succeed in hiring reliable and skilled VAs to grow your business. Let us know if you don’t think we’re doing that and we’ll make it right. 

Join 100s of Entrepreneurs in Outsource School

"This membership is so great! Thanks for making it you guys! Most entrepreneurs do not take enough time to focus on outsourcing and building SOPs. I should know, I was one of them."
Dayana Mayfield
Pitch & Profit
"Absolute game changer. My only regret is not opting in sooner. I hemmed and hawed and was like, I could read a book or listen to a blog post or trust my gut, lol, but no. I think Outsource School finally cemented for me that I'll grow a monster business if I buy training and if I buy information (something I've always been reluctant to do.) Sure, I could figure it out on my own, through trial and error, but that is going to take too much time and it's going to be too expensive. I have clear revenue goals and I want to get there as quickly as possible. And I'll get there faster if I learn from Nathan and Connor and I'll get there faster if I hire a team. I am so freaking psyched that I found Outsource School!"
Lisa Harrington
"I love what Connor and Nathan are doing with this membership program. It started as a single training (on its own, already worth the membership price), and then suddenly the whole thing BLEW UP. So much high caliber content is released daily that it's hard to keep up. I've been hiring and training for my own business and for clients for 3 years now and thought I knew what I was doing, and then the program came and pointed out so many gaps in my processes that I wasn't aware of. I watched the main trainings and playbooks a couple of times and improved my hiring and leadership processes significantly. The VAs I hire for my clients are of higher quality and I can instruct them (my clients) better how to manage their new employee. This program is a no brainer...just hop in"
Barak Almog
"Nate and Connor have built an amazing membership. I wanted it to learn how to better set my company up for success with VAs on our team. This is the real deal and quite frankly the best deal on getting a handle on your business systems anywhere!"
Will Hinkson
Warriors Guide to Business
"I'm an Outsource School Insider and I'm really enjoying the trainings and incredible support. These guys really care about building a valuable experience that actually moves businesses forward. The intro itself will elevate your own thinking on how to better sell your own services! Highly recommended."
Jenn Morgan
Radically Distinct
"Love Outsource School. Within the first week, I was already able to implement various steps from the program, from hiring to onboarding and even to firing someone. The playbooks were super helpful, but the community has also been tremendously valuable too. Being able to get help directly from Nathan Hirsch and his team (even some of their VAs who have been sharing great insights from their perspectives) made the cost of joining the program a no-brainer. Highly recommend Outsource School to anyone who's looking to scale their business."
Duy Nguyen

Frequently Asked Questions

While it will vary greatly upon how much time you spend on the training per day and how quickly you take the actions that we suggest throughout the training, you should be able to finish within 30 days of purchasing. 

We’ve set up all of the sections and modules within the system to move you along quickly towards actionable steps in hiring for your business and building your own hiring playbook. 

If you have any questions while going through the content, you can always reach us at 

There are! If you click any of the Purchase buttons on this page, you’ll be brought to a checkout window where you can purchase the formula in full for $997 or for 2 separate payments over time. 

We’re always available and we’d love to hear from you. You can reach us through email at at any time or through any of our social media channels. We work hard to reply to all inquiries within 1 business day and most responses are even faster than that. 

We have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on your purchase. If for any reason you feel that the training has not delivered on its value, reach out to us at and we’ll submit you a full refund. We’re not looking to cheat anyone and we want you to feel confident in the content’s value.

Final Words from Nathan and Connor

We never had the guidance we needed when scaling our businesses remotely. It slowed us down, set us back, and forced us to learn from our own mistakes. 

We created Outsource School and Cracking the VA Code so you don’t have to endure the same frustrations.

If you’re struggling to make a decision, think of all the tasks you have on your plate. Think of the areas of the business where you should be focusing. And think of the business that you’d ideally want to be running. 

If you’re imagining a business where you have a team of reliable, affordable virtual assistants handling all operations while you focus on growth, you’re in the right place. 

We want to see you succeed and we’ll be there for you as you make it through all of the content in Outsource School. 

Best case scenario, you walk away with a proven system for hiring and scaling with virtual assistants. 

Worst case, you feel like you really didn’t get what you expected and we’ll give you a full refund.