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Top 5 Sites Where You Can Learn How to Outsource Online in 2021

The world has changed and things run differently now since the pandemic broke out. People explore different ways to adapt and adjust to doing almost, if not everything at a distance. The academe, various businesses, and almost all industries are becoming innovative and are looking for alternative approaches to do whatever they need to do remotely.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or you have a small business, outsourcing is a great way to bounce back and embrace the new normal. There are different sites where you can learn how to outsource online. Be ready to face the coming year by going through your prospect VAs with the right outsourcing platforms.

In this article, we are going to share our top 5 sites when it comes to learning how to outsource online.

1. Outsource School

Outsource School is a platform that offers top training for outsourcing and scales your business to that of 8-digit entrepreneurs. This site is best whether you are a startup or a growing business, who is looking to hire virtual assistants. This can be for reasons like saving time and growing your business faster. 

Outsource School has several users at present, ranging from eCommerce companies, Amazon sellers, agencies, coaches, speakers, influencers, to software companies. The owners of this platform also had their fair share of experience on various platforms, but later on figured that they did not have the right systems to keep their operations running smoothly and efficiently. Because of this, they established Outsource School which is geared towards making hiring and managing virtual assistants easier and more systemized for all businesses. 

This platform is the best fit for those who do not have any experience in hiring a virtual assistant and are still searching it out and testing the waters. Outsource School is also the solution for those who are not new in the field of outsourcing but are having issues with their current platform or are currently struggling in handling their VAs. This platform has all the solutions for every situation a business considering or currently outsourcing might encounter.

2. Udemy

Udemy is also one of the platforms that we recommend for you to explore to learn more about outsourcing. It offers different courses for both students and professionals and currently has more than 35 million users and 57,000 instructors. What makes it even better is that its training is available in over 65 languages, so those who prefer to learn with their own language.

Discussion boards are also made available in Udemy so that you can interact and engage with your instructors. This is helpful especially if you need clarifications and have queries wanting to be answered by the lecturers. Specifically made for businesses, the platform offers Udemy for Businesses that are focused on topics such as office productivity, management, and outsourcing, among the many.

Udemy best fits entrepreneurs and small business owners who are looking for platforms to help them learn about outsourcing, how it works, and how it is done. The platform has tailored its system to cater to the needs of those who want to know more about this field. However, it is crucial that you do your research prior to enrolling in a learning course for anybody to teach on this platform.

3. Skillshare

Skillshare is another platform designed to help students, professionals, and business owners alike in any field they want to expand their knowledge on. Like the previous sites, Skillshare offers high quality and well-structured processes that will make learning easier for you. You can learn about outsourcing easier with this platform because of its highly digestible content.

Topics are discussed in Skillshare through a pre-recorded video that usually ranges from 20 to 60 minutes. These videos are then divided into smaller time frames, often in a series of 2 to 5-minute videos. This is highly beneficial when compared to taking in a full 60-minute video because this way, the person learning the topic can be more focused and engaged throughout the entire learning process.

4. Coursera

Coursera believes that learning is the main source of human progress. This is what you should be looking for in a platform when looking for a site to learn about outsourcing. It currently partners with more than 200 universities and companies to offer different courses not only to individuals but to organizations as well. Coursera, of course, provides topics focused on outsourcing.

The site provides lessons about outsourcing and its importance especially in global supply chains. Coursera also gives insights and explains to its clients why outsourcing is a make-or-break deal maker in the global arena.

5. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is a new initiative established by LinkedIn with Lynda as their partner platform. You can discover lessons and courses on the platform by placing your general skills and interests upon registering. After which, LinkedIn Learning will provide various suggestions of courses according to your skills and interests.

The platform also helps you transition from learning outsourcing to transitioning towards the integration of outsourcing. This is with the help of one of their features they call the learning paths. After knowing about outsourcing, LinkedIn Learning can suggest various structured learning experiences to shift into discovering prospect VAs which can move as far as learning how you can hire these prospects.


Learning how to outsource online is highly vital especially during this time. As an entrepreneur or an owner of a small and starting business who is only starting to explore outsourcing, it is important that you become aware of what it is as an entirety. Knowing what it is and being mindful of your options will help you succeed in this matter.

There are more resources available on the internet that can aid you in learning about outsourcing. The ones that we have provided above are only our top picks to help you get started. Once you get to learn more about it, we are sure that things will be a whole lot easier for you and will help you save a lot of time.

By Mary Achurra

Mary Achurra is a freelance content marketer. She helps business owners and entrepreneurs attract and retain customers by creating quality, engaging content.

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