Partner Spotlight: Simplify Your Marketing and Sales with Hailey Rowe

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Hey, thanks for tuning in to another Partner Spotlight interview at OutsourceSchool.

My name is Connor Gillivan. I’m the CMO and an Owner of Outsource School.

We’re on a mission to help 10,000+ business owners master hiring virtual assistants and freelancers, and industry partnerships is a big way that we’re able to make it happen.

We’re all about creating win-win partnerships where we are able to grow with other companies in the eCommerce, agency, SAAS, and online space.

In this exclusive interview, we interview Hailey Rowe, Business Coach. 

Connor: Hey Hailey, thanks for taking the time to chat with us here. We love getting to know our partners better so that our community can benefit from what our partners are offering and doing in the industry. To get started, can you give us a high-level overview of what you do and how you got started? 

Hailey: I’m a Marketing & Sales Coach and LinkedIn Lead Generation Service Provider. I help coaches and service providers attract more clients, visibility opportunities, & profitable partnerships without letting social media overwhelm or lack of time stop them. 

I got my first life coaching & behavioral change coaching certification when I was 16-years-old & got my Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship at Loyola Marymount University. After college, I worked in Business Development & Marketing for several fast-paced personal development startups. Then, in 2017… one of the startups I worked for had to let everyone go due to project delays & that was my “sign” it was time to go ALL IN on my own business. I began coaching online coaches and entrepreneurs, started a podcast & Facebook Group called Health Coach Nation (Business & Marketing Support for online coaches), and have been loving it ever since.

I’ve been named as one of the Top 25 Coaches in Chicago & top 6 Business Podcasts for health coaches. 

Connor: Love that! Can you dive a bit more into the products and services that you offer in the business coaching space? I’m sure our audience would love to know exactly what problems you could solve for them. 

Hailey: I offer custom private coaching options, but my main program is my 6-Month Coach Inner Circle

It’s a hands-on small group coaching & private coaching hybrid program that helps health, life, and mindset coaches get focused on booking clients, marketing their standout program, & turning their coaching “hobby” into a sustainable business. 

I also offer LinkedIn Lead Generation Services for service providers and coaches who want to book more discovery calls with potential clients, get more speaking & collaboration opportunities, & form profitable partnerships. My team and I grow your connections every week on LinkedIn with your target audience & help you build relationships with your niche. 

If you’d like to learn more about the various ways I work with clients, here are a couple resources:

Connor: Jumping off of that…if there was one problem you’d say that Hailey Rowe solves best for your clients, what would it be? Why? 

Hailey: I help my clients simplify marketing and sales with my “4 Basics of Client Attraction” approach. So often, clients come to me frustrated about “the algorithm,” where to put their focus, and feeling like they have so many ideas but are struggling to implement what matters most for growing their business. I help them prioritize the client-generating activities & principles… as opposed to overthinking or “majoring in the minors.” 

Connor: As the company continues to grow over the next year, what are your plans for expansion? Any new products or offerings or enhancements to your current products? 

Hailey: I am doing more and more corporate & motivational speaking gigs and also am launching a test group for a monthly membership. The membership will be providing tools, strategies, & personal development support for business owners looking to increase sales, stop self-doubt from holding them back, and create a business & calendar they love.

Connor: And how specifically would you say that Hailey Rowe and your team is different from other similar businesses in the coaching industry?

Hailey: I help you attract clients “The F.A.S.T. Way.” Rather than obsessing about posting on social media or needing fancy tech or ads to succeed, we get you focused on timeless principles of marketing and sales

My F.A.S.T. Framework stands for…

  • Followers: We determine who you want to attract as clients & customize a marketing system that’s aligned with your strengths to bring in new leads every week, give value, & convert to clients.
  • Action: We develop content, messaging, branding, & calls to action that DRIVE your dream clients to TAKE ACTION! 
  • Sales: We get you selling your STANDOUT, NO BRAINER services WITHOUT being PUSHY & attracting more qualified people who want to PAY for your services 
  • Time Management: We shift you from “busy work” to smart work in a way that allows you to grow your business while still having time for your family & personal life
  • Transformation: We help you become the confident, resourceful entrepreneur you’ve always wanted to be & ensure that your program is transformational & differentiated. 

Here are a couple other ways I am different from most business coaches…

  • I’ve worked in business development & marketing for several wellness and personal development based startups, so I know these industries very well.
  • I have been a singer and performer since I was 5-years-old, so I can help my clients gain confidence by putting themselves out there, overcoming nerves, being on video, & being polished.
  • I am very hands-on. I review client assets every week… Many coaches don’t take the time to actually give client feedback on websites, their sales calls, webinars, Instagram posts, etc. 

Connor: What’s your outsourcing story? We find that everyone has a different experience when outsourcing and hiring online. What is your first memory that comes to mind?

Hailey: I started out with 1 virtual assistant I found in a Facebook Group and she is still on my team today! 😊 It took me a while to learn that people can’t read your mind & how to delegate well, but I’ve come a long way in being a better delegator. 😂 

Connor: Love it! Talking more about outsourcing, what advice would you give to yourself if you were just about to start outsourcing and hiring online? 

Hailey: Know how to do the task first yourself so that you can document and explain it to your team members clearly. Film yourself or your screen doing the task, write it out, and go through a “test project” with your team member as a starting point. 

Connor: How about this one…how do you communicate with the people you hire online? What’s your best practices there and how has it changed over time? 

Hailey: I communicate with them via voice note, check-in meetings, standard operating procedures, & weekly checklists. Best practices include having a weekly report about what they’ve done this week, leading with the POSITIVES about what they are doing right FIRST before giving feedback about improvements, and making sure you clearly communicate ALL the steps (making the standard operating procedure so simple & broken down that anyone could do it).

Connor: Finally, this is one that I think our community will love, who’s been your best online hire? What do they do for you? Why are they your best hire? Tell us all about them and that story!

Hailey: I have several WONDERFUL team members who I love, but I’ll share that one of my favorites is Irene. She helps me with organic marketing and Facebook Group Management. The reason why I love her is because she’s reliable, goes above and beyond what I ask her to do, and is consistent. 

Connor: As we close this out, I just have one more question. Where is the best place to find and follow you and the company online? Also, if you have one, is there any special offer that you’ll be offering to the community today? 

Hailey: I’d love to share my Free Weekly Planning System to help you LOVE your calendar, get 2x more done, & prevent overwhelm. 😊

You can also find me using the following links:

Want help outsourcing & hiring virtual assistants? We make it easy! Learn More, Speak w/ an Expert, or Request a Callback



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