Guest Article Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in writing a guest article for the Outsource School blog

We love having outside experts write articles for the Outsource School community and we greatly appreciate you taking the time to read our guidelines. 

With all of our blog articles, we strive to make them as actionable and readable as possible.

Not to mention that we work hard to optimize each article for search engines so that traffic and readers to the articles increase over time. 

Please read through the guidelines and submission requirements below. 

Article Guidelines

Below are a set of guidelines that we’ve found to be effective in achieving these results:

  • 1,500+ words per article
  • 1 specific SEO keyword chosen for each article
  • Conversational writing style
  • Must be original content and only published on the Outsource School blog
  • How to, List articles, Guides, or opinion pieces

We ask that you stick to these guidelines in writing your guest article. Upon submission, we will review your article for these key aspects and will ask you to make edits if anything is missing. 

Submission Requirements

Once you’ve finished your article, please take note of the following requirements for submission.  

  • Acceptable formats: Google Doc (preferred) and Word Document.
  • Byline and headshot: In your submission, include a 2-3 sentence byline and a high resolution headshot that we can use on the guest article. 

What Happens Next?

Once your article has been submitted, we’ll review it, make any edits for SEO purposes, and then schedule it into the Outsource School blog content calendar. 

If there are any edits needed to the article, we will return them to you via email and ask you to resubmit your article with the edits made. 

Once your guest article is scheduled to publish on the Outsource School blog, we will email you to inform you of when it’s scheduled. 

Finally, once the article is live on the Outsource School blog, we will send you a link to the guest article so that you can share it out to your community. 

What to Do Once Your Article Is Published

Once your article has been published to the Outsource School blog, it will be shared out to our community on social media. 

We ask that you do ONE of the following once the article has been published: 

  • Share the article on your social media channels 
  • Email the article out to your email list
  • Link out to the article from your website
  • Share the article in any online groups that you’re a part of 

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