The Graphic Design Playbook

Get Graphic Design Work Done with Ease and Efficiency

In this playbook, learn how to hire and manage a Graphic Designer for your business. Learn a simple and effective system for using Trello to get all of your graphic needs completed quickly and affordably.

Have an endless list of graphic design work?

Every business has graphic design needs. Logos, social media banners, website graphics, ad graphics, illustrations, infographics…the list goes on and on. Without an efficient system for managing all of your graphic design projects, it’s hard to create what you need. 

In this playbook, we show you exactly how to set up an efficient system for working with a graphic designer through Trello. We also give you the information you need to hire a reliable and affordable graphic designer.

Struggling to hire a graphic designer?

If you’re not a designer yourself, it can be hard to hire one. But don’t let that keep you down. We’re not designers either and we’ve been hiring and working with graphic designers for years. In this playbook, we give you a step by step process for interviewing, onboarding, training, and working with a graphic designer. By the end of the playbook, you’ll have a trustworthy designer cranking out projects for you on a regular basis. 

Is this playbook for you?

Whether you’re looking to hire your first graphic designer or you’re looking to scale a team of graphic designers, this playbook can drastically help you on your journey. 

The Trello system that we introduce within the playbook can be used by first time business owners, agency experts, solopreneurs, and so many others. It’s simple, efficient, and takes in account your time so that you’re not spending hours each day getting graphics created.

Here's what you'll learn...


A Graphic Design System

Learn how to use a Trello board to set up and manage all of your graphic design projects. Create new projects, assign them to your graphic designer, review projects, and implement.


Tested Processes for Creating Graphics Quick

Learn step-by-step processes that you can use for working with a graphic designer. From creating new projects in Trello to setting due dates to having a strong review process to giving feedback to your designer. All of it is in this playbook waiting for you.


Proven Steps to Hire a Graphic Designer

Learn the detailed steps you can take to find and hire a qualified and exceptional graphic designer. We’ll teach you our unique IOTM Method for interviewing, onboarding, training, and managing a graphic designer so it’s simple for you.

What you get with your purchase...

PDF: Graphic Design Playbook

  • Getting Started → the overall purpose of the system, the different strategies that you’ll be introduced to, and the end goal.
  • Step #1: Trello Set Up to Manage Projects
  • Step #2: IOTM Method for a Graphic Designer
  • Step #3: Assigning Design Projects
  • Step #4: Finalizing Projects
  • Step #5: Implementation
  • Final Graphic Design Tips

Trello: Graphic Design System

  • A built out Trello board incorporating all of the steps included in the Graphic Design Playbook
  • Columns for New Projects, Assigned, In Review, and Completed.

Video: Graphic Design Trello Walkthrough

  • Video: Over-the-shoulder screen share of building the Trello Graphic Design system, creating new projects, assigning them, reviewing, and implementing the graphics once completed. 

Who are Nathan and Connor?

Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan are 10+ year entrepreneurs. They built their first eCommerce business to $25 million in total sales using virtual assistants. Then, they scaled and sold their second company, FreeeUp, with a 100% remote team of virtual assistants. They have been recognized on 250+ podcasts such as Entrepreneur on Fire and were on the Entrepreneur 360 List for two years in a row commending them as one of the best entrepreneurial companies in America. At their core, they are systems entrepreneurs always looking for new ways to automate and outsource to virtual assistants and talented professionals.

Why trust us to teach you about graphic design?

We’re entrepreneurs just like you. 

For 10+ years, we’ve been working together scaling digital businesses with remote teams and we’ve had to learn from our own mistakes.

For years, we struggled, hired the wrong people, ran into turnover, and were frustrated with the current education out there surrounding hiring and scaling with virtual assistants. 

With our first eCommerce business, we scaled it to a team of 30+ virtual assistants and sold over $25 million on the Amazon Marketplace.

With our second business, FreeUp, we scaled it into a team of 45+ virtual assistants and $12 million in yearly revenue from a $5,000 initial investment. 

In 2019, we sold FreeUp and the team of 45+ virtual assistants to The HOTH. 

After scaling and selling FreeUp, we decided it was time that we share our exact systems for how we did it so other entrepreneurs could replicate our success.

We wanted to create a better online education platform where entrepreneurs could really learn how to scale with a remote team and avoid all of the pitfalls we had to fight through. 

A big part of growing and selling FreeUp was building a brand that people could relate to and that held up to modern design standards. In order for us to be able to do that, we needed to come up with an efficient system to create high quality graphics without it taking up too much of our time.

Over the years, we worked with a handful of graphic designers until we figured out the best way to make it work. It’s been a few years now that we’ve been using the Trello system that is outlined in this Graphic Design Playbook. It’s a culmination of years of testing and hard work to get it to where it is today…simple and efficient. 

In this playbook, you’ll gain access to a system we’ve worked on for years that you can implement within 1 day. 

We hope you’ll give it a shot!


Nathan Hirsch & Connor Gillivan, Co-founders of Outsource School

Graphic Design Playbook

A formula to get more graphics done efficiently.
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Frequently Asked Questions

While it will vary depending on if you’re totally new to working with a graphic designer or you have years of experience, it should only take 2-3 hours to get through reading the Playbook PDF and watching the Playbook videos. 

Since this playbook is only $97, there is not currently a payment plan for the Graphic Design Playbook. 

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