15 Best Filipino Virtual Assistant Companies in the Philippines

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15 Best Filipino Virtual Assistant Companies in the Philippines

Have you ever hired from any Filipino virtual assistant companies? Many online businesses have! Not all Philippines virtual assistant companies are the same, though. We want to make sure that you hire only from the best, so we made up this list for you!

What Is a Virtual Assistant Company?

When we talk about virtual assistant companies in the Philippines, they can be marketplaces, agencies, or BPO companies. 

Marketplaces, like FreeUp and OnlineJobs.ph, offer a platform for freelancers. They host freelancer profiles, past client reviews, and other information. This way, clients can find the freelancers that they need for their various projects. This includes Filipino virtual assistant companies that find jobs through these marketplaces. 

Some virtual assistant companies in the Philippines are called agencies. These are VA services that will do the work for you with their own VAs. Clients don’t interview and hire VAs individually. Instead, they entrust entire projects to an agency representative, and the company takes care of assigning the work.

BPOs work with larger companies. They have the capacity to provide dozens of full-time sales and customer service agents, for example, to a single company. 

Basically, all of these Philippines virtual assistant companies will help you get work done without running an office or buying equipment for hires to use.

10 Best Fiipino Virtual Assistant Companies

1. OnlineJobs.ph

filipino virtual assistant companies

This is one of the virtual assistant companies in the Philippines that specifically offers Filipino VAs. It advertises itself as the easiest job board to find outsourced staff in the Philippines. It hosts more then 2,000,000 resumes from all kinds of VAs from newbies to experts. Simply post a job to attract talented workers who will apply for your posting or search these resumes to proactively find people with the skills that you need.

2. FreeUp

filipino virtual assistant companies

FreeUp is known as the marketplace that pre-vets freelancers so you are hiring from the top 1%. They promise that you can get more done faster when you hire through them. They also guarantee that they can take most client job descriptions and get clients paired with a qualified freelance candidate within 24 hours. 

3. Upwork

filipino virtual assistant companies

This is not one of the exclusive Philippines virtual assistant companies. You can find VAs from all over the world on this platform. However, there are a ton of experienced Filipinos here. Like the other platforms, you can post a job to attract top talent. Upwork can also do the search for a VA for you. They advertise the best hires without paying top dollar with lower transaction rates. 

4. Fiverr

filipino virtual assistant companies

This is one of the Filipino virtual assistant companies that advertises you can find the right freelance service right away. Speed is so important when you need a job done! Fiverr also offers gigs at every price point so you can stay within budget. You never have to worry about hourly rates, and you can hire within minutes to get quality work done quickly. You get quoted upfront and only pay when you’re happy, so you’re protected. 

5. VA Staffer

filipino virtual assistant companies

This company specializes in providing vetted virtual executive assistants with professional with track records for technical skill. They take care of the whole recruiting process, plus even managing, training, and onboarding. When your business is growing quickly, you can rely on VA Staffer to help you keep up with projects so you don’t miss a beat. 

6. Virtual Coworker

A screenshot of the Virtual Coworker website home page.

With most virtual assistant companies in the Philippines, you want one with a long track record. However, there are a handful, this one included, that are startups yet can be trusted. Virtual Coworker boasts a very simple hiring process so you can get started right away with qualified talent at reasonable rates.

7. Task Bullet

A screenshot of the Task Bullet website home page.

Task Bullet is actually based in the US with offices in the Philippines. Entrepreneurs and executives worldwide use this service to hire VAs for tasks like marketing, lead generation, sales, and appointment scheduling. Their focus is helping you to streamline your business process. They use what they call bucket systems, so pricing is different from the norm. What’s great is that they have no hidden fees. You simply buy hours and use them as needed. 

8. Virtual Staff Finder

A screenshot of the Virtual Staff Finder website home page.

As Philippines virtual assistant companies go, this one has been around the block a few times. Clients have hired more than 8,000 virtual assistants through this platform, so your chances of finding the one you need for your tasks are good! All you need to do is sign up and upload your requirements. Then the team will take that job description and search for the best three candidates to give you a selection before you choose one to interview. And don’t worry, they do screening and background checks for you!

9. eVirtual Assistants

A screenshot of the eVirtual Assistants website home page.

You can find the expert that you need in minutes when you hire here because the posting process is so simple. With affordable rates, you can build an entire team to grow your company. They offer a variety of talent to fill the most hired for outsourced positions. 

10. Virtual Assistant Talent

A screenshot of the Virtual Assistant Talent website home page.

A lot of Filipino virtual assistant companies cater to startups, and this is one of them! Virtual Assistant Talent is designed to help you build a team from the ground up. They are dedicated to helping you to expand and grow, so they know who you need and how you need them to work to reach your goals. You will begin by getting on a phone consultation to find out more about your company. This call will help the company to understand better what you really need and how to provide that for you. You will get a chance to hear from VAs and the services that they can offer to meet your needs. Once you find the individual that you like best, you will get an invoice, and once you pay, you can get to work. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How much does a Filipino virtual assistant cost?

Virtual assistant companies in the Philippines will usually offer candidates with hourly rates ranging from as low as $3. We don’t recommend hiring at this level, though, because you get what you pay for! Make sure you scan applications carefully to get an idea of the right rates for the specific job you’re hiring for, too. More requirements and higher skill requirements mean more pay! 

2. How much does the average Filipino virtual assistant earn?

The average VA in the Philippines who does simple tasks full time earns about $600 per month, or less than $3.50 per hour. Note that most Philippines virtual assistant companies will take a significant cut. So, even if you pay more, a VA you hire from one of these companies will still usually get only that much. 

Remember, this average applies to simple VA tasks, so if you are looking for someone who is more specialized, like a content writer, a marketer, or an inventory manager, for example, you should expect a higher rate range for quality work and greater accountability.

3. How to hire virtual assistants from the Philippines?

If you’re hiring from Philippines virtual assistant companies, you will usually simply enter the details of the work you need done and wait for applications to come in. Then you would need to sort through them and interview the top candidates. Once you find someone that is the right fit, you hire them per the platform rules and you’re good to go.

4. Why should you hire a Filipino virtual assistant?

Filipino virtual assistants are famous for their cordial personalities, flexibility, and happy natures. This is, of course, on top of the affordability of hiring these skilled individuals who speak English better than most other Asians.

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Distance is no longer a barrier to any work that can be done on a computer connected to the internet. Indeed, many business owners depend on Filipino virtual assistant companies to find the people they need to complete all the daily activities within their businesses. Now, you know where they go to find top talent, and you can start hiring, too!

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