7 Best Ecommerce Outsourcing Services for 2023

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Even as a beginner, with eCommerce outsourcing, managing a store is possible. In fact, we think this is the best solution for new stores. In this post, we’ll talk about some of the eCommerce outsourcing services we like best.

1. FreeUp

A screenshot of the FreeUp website home page.

FreeUp’s goal is to bridge businesses and talented freelancers from all across the globe. They’ve got top-notch VAs, web designers, developers, digital advertising experts, and much more. They ensure business owners waste no time getting straight to work by connecting you with the best freelancers as fast as possible. Over 20,000 organizations put their trust in the services that FreeUp provides. With those numbers, you can’t go wrong.

One reason to choose FreeUp is their hiring practices. They go through thousands of applicants every week and vet every single individual’s skill level, ability to communicate, and personality. To ensure that clients are getting access to the most qualified of individuals, they only allow the top 1% to serve on their platform.  

FreeUp also has a “No Turnover Guarantee.” If the hired person decides to quit, FreeUp will replace them immediately while shouldering the applicable costs. 

Additionally, FreeUp offers support services in the form of an account manager. This person can guide decision-making processes regarding who to hire. They can also give advice on the best methods to start a project. A support team is also at the ready whenever needed. 


FreeUp offers three levels of hourly rate pricing based on the skill level of the freelancer. 

  1. Entry Level – $5-$15 /hour 
  2. Mid Level – $15 to $30/hour (specialists)
  3. Expert Level $30-$75+/hour (consultants and strategists)

2. Upwork

A screenshot of the Upwork website home page.

Known as “the world’s work marketplace,” Upwork’s mission is to provide talented individuals with better work opportunities while also providing flexibility to businesses. Whether you are an enterprise looking to scale, a client in need of skilled workers, or a talented individual looking to advance in your career, you can go to Upwork for eCommerce outsourcing. This award-winning platform houses qualified individuals of different skill categories that you only pay for once you approve of the work they’ve completed.

Get access to highly rated talent easily.  

  1. Project Catalog™ – Browse multiple different project templates (ex. Logo design) and select the ones they need. 
  2. Talent Marketplace™ – Here you can post a job request and connect with qualified talent.  Review project proposals, examine their work history, and go through reviews of other businesses they’ve worked with. You also have access to Upwork collaboration tools, 24/7 support, and even Upwork Payment Protection for the best interest of both the client and the worker.
  3. Talent Scout™ – Meet with a recruiter to help you find the best talent possible for your needs. This is only available for projects lasting a month or more. 


The Client Marketplace plan – On top of what they would pay the hired worker, clients pay an additional 5% on all payments made. (ex. $50 payment = $2.50 for Upwork)

3. Fiverr

A screenshot of the Fiverr website home page.

Fiverr began as a place where people could buy and sell digital services. Now, it is one of the largest  marketplaces with over 500 categories of freelance services. Fiver uses its platform to connect businesses with freelancers with the mission of changing the way the world works in regards to digital transactions. If you want to grow your business by finding the right talent and services, Fiverr is good place to get you started quick and easy.


Fiverr is a great place for every budget with services starting at $5 dollars. Here, everything is fixed project-based pricing that depends on the seller. Any payments will be released only once the work has been approved. 

Fiverr Pro

With the base version of Fiverr, you don’t get a quality guarantee for which freelancers you hire. This is where Fiverr Pro comes in. Here you get access to pre-vetted and verified freelancers saving you time and possible future headaches. 

Fiverr business

Fiverr Business is another version of the site catered towards larger businesses. You still  gain access to vetted professionals for your eCommerce outsourcing needs. Plus, you also get Fiverr’s collaboration tools that make it so much easier to manage teams, projects, and budgeting. You also get to work with a Fiverr Business Success Manager who can assist you in finding the right people for the job.

4. OnlineJobs.ph

A screenshot of the OnlineJobs.ph website home page.

The Philippines is one of the most popular places to go for eCommerce outsourcing. Onlinejobs.ph is currently the biggest marketplace if you’re looking to outsource Filipino talent. Here, employers can pick from over 250,000 Filipino profiles, proving that the Philippines is not lacking when it comes to their talent pool. 

Finding workers is easy and you can do it in one of two ways. 

  1. Post a Job – This method is about letting the talent come to you. Once you’ve posted a job, all you need to do is wait for applicants. 
  2. Search Resumes – This method is about searching for specific skillsets you need to get a job done. You can save promising profiles to review later. 

Once you’ve found ideal candidates (and purchase a plan) you can contact them by email. You interview them and if they are a good match, you can start negotiating pay. Use Timeproof to manage their hours. Pay them via the built-in, free, and secure Easypay or use alternate payment methods like Paypal.


OnlineJobs.ph allows you to browse with their free account, but if you want to hire, communicate with, or check worker reviews, you need a subscription plan. 


  •  $69/mo 
  • 3 job posts/month
  • Max 200 applicants/job
  • Contact 75 workers /month
  • Read Worker Reviews


5. 20Four7VA

A screenshot of the 20Four7VA website home page.

20four7VA provides full-service virtual assistant staffing services. You can save up to 80% overhead costs by using their service. Your business can benefit from their arsenal of over 17,000 VAs and almost 100 offered skillsets. 

20four7VA scouts for skilled individuals across the world and vets them through their 8 Step Hiring and Vetting Process to make sure they also have the right work mindset. They even offer training for these VAs. Their agency is all about guiding and assisting in the building of working relationships between their VAs and their clients. They care for both the client and VA, providing highly qualified individuals to help businesses scale and equipping VAs with what they need to succeed with whichever client they work with. 

Aside from what we’ve mentioned, other benefits of working with 20four7VA include: 

  • A free consultation with a Business Growth specialist
  • 24/7 customer support
  • VA performance and progress monitoring 
  • An IT Help Desk for tech assistance
  • Flexible VA work hours for any time-zone for a true 24/7 VA experience
  • Data wiping upon cancellation of service ensuring client security
  • Quick turnaround
  • Access to VAs that offer specialized services


VAs are paid on a weekly basis via Paypal based on an hourly rate. However, monthly payments are also possible. The hourly rate depends on the type of skill, experience, proficiency, and number of hours worked per week.

6. MarketerHire

A screenshot of the MarketerHire website home page.

MarketerHire is the top platform for eCommerce outsourcing if you are looking to hire a digital marketing expert. They guarantee the best and most efficient marketing talent, having worked with top global brands of all different genres. They’ve served over 4,000 satisfied customers and have successfully matched clients with their ideal marketers over 20,000 times. This matching takes about 48hrs and a high majority of brands keep hries on for more than 3 months. Whatever the platform or channel, MarketerHire has you covered on all fronts.  

You fill out a short multiple-choice form that includes describing the size of your company, the types of marketers you need, and the budget you need. Once MarketerHire understands the details of the project, a marketing manager will help match you with the most suitable marketer or marketing team for your business. These are professionals who have been pre-vetted and have proven experience. After the matching is done, the marketing manager will conduct regular check-ins to see how both sides are doing with the new partnership and if their marketers are delivering on par with their standards. If you aren’t happy, they will pair you with a new one. 


MarketerHire doesn’t charge any subscription fees. The only thing you pay for is the hired marketers themselves, whose rates go from $80 to $160+ per hour. You can also hire part-time or full-time instead of hourly.

7. VAAPhilippines

A screenshot of the VAAPhilippines website home page.

VAA is special in that they are the only ones focusing on matching VAs specifically to Amazon sellers. The founders are driven by the need to find a better way of connecting Amazon sellers to talented and dependable VAs. VAA only tolerates the best, and all hires undergo a rigorous screening process. If accepted, they will continue to be subject to training in order to keep their knowledge and skills sharp and up-to-date in the ever-changing Amazon space.

Their VA matching process is as follows:

  1. You will have a one-on-one consultation with the CEO Gilad Freimann, who is an experienced Amazon seller and has worked with many others. He will guide you through and clarify your Amazon VA needs.
  2. VAA will carefully select the highly skilled candidate tailored to the needs of your Amazon business. You will continue receiving support and guidance throughout the hiring process from VA introductions and VA work briefings all the way until you feel comfortable taking control. 
  3. Get working together with your VA who will be continually receiving training by VAA throughout the project.
  4. If unsatisfied, VAA will replace the assistant at no additional cost. 


  1. A one time starter fee – includes registration and matching fee
  2. Monthly fee – based on type of service and hours in a month. (Minimum VA rate is $5.50 /hr)


Each eCommerce outsourcing option has a unique flavor. You need to choose the service that suits you best to get the best results. Take time to go over the different perks they provide and see which package gives you the best deal.


Want help outsourcing & hiring virtual assistants? We make it easy! Learn More, Speak w/ an Expert, or Request a Callback



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