CARE+ Interview and Evaluation Terms of Service

Agreement to Terms of Service

These Terms of Service constitute a legally binding agreement between you, whether personally or on behalf of an entity and Outsource School, concerning access to the CARE+ interview and evaluation service. 


The cost for the CARE+ service is $597 per job post. This is for 1 job posting and 1 virtual assistant recommendation. If you are hiring two virtual assistants for the same role, you will have to purchase two of the CARE+ services although we may offer you a bulk discount depending on the role. This is charged one time and we must receive full payment before we can start the service. The service is an interviewing and evaluation service only, which means your decision to hire or not hire the virtual assistants we recommend do not affect the price. To be clear, if we complete the service and give you our recommendation and then you decide not to hire, that is not cause for a full or partial refund of the $597. We have great support at Outsource School so if you have feedback or concerns, we want to hear it and will do our best to accommodate. Pricing does not include the cost of paying the virtual assistant, hourly rate of the virtual assistant, or any other fees related to the virtual assistant post hire. The rate is between you, the virtual assistant, and FreeUp.  We will help and give advice on rate negotiation but you understand we cannot control that.


You, as the client, agree to have strong communication with the Outsource School team. That includes, but is not limited to responding to us within 1 business day regarding the job post, applicants, interviews, etc. Outsource School reserves the right to prioritize clients that are responsive as there is certain information we need from you to perform the service correctly. You agree to treat the Outsource School team with respect and work with us to resolve any issues that come up in a professional and reasonable manner. We have the right to refuse to work with any member who does not communicate or is disrespectful to our team.

Summary of Service

The following outlines how the CARE+ service works once you have purchased: 

  1. We create a perfect job posting for your role based off the information you provide.
  2. We send you a final job posting to review and to confirm that everything is accurate before being posted. 
  3. We post the job on FreeUp, get the applicants, initially screen them, communicate with FreeUp, and set up interview times with qualified applicants. Important: We will need access to your FreeUp account or the email you use for FreeUp hiring. Please make sure you have a FreeUp account set up. If you don’t, you can easily sign up here: 
  4. The interviews are completed on Slack and you will have access to see all of it. You are welcome to join the interview if you want on Slack or you can just follow along or read through the full interview later on. The number of interviews will depend on the quality of the applicants, but we usually do at least two to three to ensure the most qualified applicants.
  5. After interviews are completed, we provide you with our recommendations, a scorecard for each person that was interviewed, our opinion on their rate, and notes on each of the applicants. We are happy to answer any follow up questions as well once you’ve received the information.
  6. You make the hiring decision.
  7. After the hire, we support you through the Outsource School Facebook group. You are responsible for onboarding, training, paying, and managing the virtual assistant. 
  8. You will pay the virtual assistant through and follow their Terms of Use.

Only Available For Virtual Assistants

There are three types of hires: followers, doers, and experts. Followers are what we consider to be virtual assistants. Virtual assistants will have years of experience, but are best for following your system and process. You must be able to onboard, train, and manage them. Outsource School reserves the right to turn down any job posts that are for doers or experts or that we do not feel are realistic to hire a virtual assistant for.

Only Available to Outsource School Members

You must be a current Outsource School member to use the CARE+ service. If your membership has expired, you will be asked to renew before we can start the service for you.

Outsource Team Timezone

Client understands that the Outsource School team follows mostly eastern time and will schedule interviews around their schedule.  While you are welcome to join the interview it is usually to hard to find consistent times that work for the client, OS team and the applicant.  To speed up the process the OS team will schedule interviews around their schedule and inform the client when the interviews are.  The OS team is unable to accommodate interview time requests from clients.

All Hires Are Exclusively From FreeUp

As the client, you understand that the virtual assistants being interviewed do not come from Outsource School. Instead they come from, a company Connor and Nathan started and sold. is now under new ownership and Nathan and Connor do not own it in any way. The CARE+ service is only available if the client agrees to use the FreeUp marketplace to find the virtual assistants. Outsource School will not perform the CARE+ process for virtual assistants from, Upwork, Fiverr, or other marketplaces. Hiring through FreeUp allows us to get you great hires faster, interview less people, and protect you on the backend. All virtual assistants you decide to hire must be hired and paid through FreeUp following their terms and conditions. Any disputes including, but not limited to billing, disappearing VAs, communication, buyouts, etc. will be handled exclusively with FreeUp and will not involve Outsource School. Outsource School will support you after the hire via the Outsource School Facebook group, but will not talk directly with the virtual assistants or get involved inside your company to fix any issues that come up. This is an important part of the CARE+ service and we want to make it clear that you must go to FreeUp for any hiring issues after the hire is made to be fully resolved. 

First Come, First Serve

We will process CARE+ orders in the order that we receive them. Our goal is to start all services within 48 hours of receiving payment (not including weekends or holidays). We will communicate with you what number in line you are if there is any kind of backlog. We may prioritize members that paid for the CARE+ service before you.

Delays & Estimated Time to Completion

We will move fast on our side, but delays may come as we wait for applicants from FreeUp. The estimated process should take about 7-10 days although we aim to make it faster. At any time, you can check in on the status of your service by emailing us at

Our Guarantee

  1. You will get at least one candidate that we would comfortably hire ourselves. In most situations, we will provide two.
  2. You will get notes that help you easily manage the person you decide to hire. We have worked with a lot of different people and know the best approaches.
  3. If the virtual assistant quits within 3 months, we will help you get 1 other hiring option that we would comfortably hire. However, this is not terms for a refund for the CARE+ service. You can reach out to the FreeUp support team who will cover replacement costs in this type of situation. 
  4. We will support you through the Outsource School Facebook group with any hiring questions or concerns after the hire has been made.

Our Goal 

Our goal is to help you keep all virtual assistants long term using Outsource School’s proven managing processes. If other issues come up, we will support you through the Outsource School Facebook group. You are responsible for onboarding, training, and managing your virtual assistant that comes through the CARE+ service. If you have issues with the virtual assistant, you can also email to help you. You agree to follow all FreeUp’s terms and conditions including paying the virtual assistant through their platform. 

Liability & Indemnification

There is risk with any hire and Outsource School is not responsible for anything that happens after the CARE+ service has been completed. You agree to not hold Outsource School responsible for anything that happens after the service has been completed and you are waiving your right to take any legal action against us for any reason. You agree to indemnify Outsource School for anything that happens with  the virtual assistant or your business, clients, customers that result from the hire. You are making the decision to hire or not hire the virtual assistant and you are responsible for that decision. We are providing you our recommendations based on our experience and support through Outsource School. While you can get our support through the Facebook group, you agree to deal with any billing or post hiring issues directly with FreeUp. has their own methods for handling disputes and you agree to go through them and follow their terms of use. You agree to go to FreeUp first with any urgent issues.

Questions About the CARE+ Service?

If you have any questions about this CARE+ service, email, post in the Member Facebook group (,) or set up a call with us here: We are happy to talk to you about the service and make sure you understand everything before you purchase. 

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