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Purchase the CARE+ Interview and Evaluation Service

With your purchase of the CARE+ Interviewing and Evaluation service, you agree to the CARE+ Terms of Service

Please note the following:

✓ CARE+ is only for virtual assistant hires (Not doers or experts)

✓ CARE+ can only be used to evaluate VAs through FreeUp. You agree to follow their Terms of Use.

✓ You will get at least one candidate that we would comfortably hire ourselves. In most situations we will provide two.

✓ We will support you through the Outsource School Facebook group with any post hiring questions or concerns.

"I'm so impressed with Outsource School. Seriously it's save us so many hours of frustration and expedited our results. The ROI is already at least 100x. Seriously love this membership."
Spencer Shaw
PodKick Media

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