The Bookkeeping VA Formula

Learn how to seamlessly pass off all bookkeeping and financial reporting to a reliable and affordable bookkeeping virtual assistant in the Philippines.

30 day guarantee.

What you'll learn

✓ Which accounting software should you use? 
✓ How to set up weekly and monthly reports
✓ Spending and investing tips
✓ Traits to look for in a Bookkeeping VA
✓ A proven job post template for a Bookkeeping VA
✓ How to interview for the role and what questions to ask
✓ How to onboard a Bookkeeping VA

✓ Pre-built training videos for your Bookkeeping VA on bookkeeping and reports
✓ Strategies to manage your Bookkeeping VA
✓ Final tips on working with a Bookkeeping VA

Training content

Bookkeeping VA Formula Modules

Section 1: 
→ Introductions from Nathan, Connor, and Marius

Section 2: 
→ Overview of the entire Bookkeeping VA and US Tax Accounting system we use
→ Choosing the Right Software: Xero vs. Quickbooks
→ Weekly and Monthly Reports: Financial Reports Template
→ Spending and Investing Tips: Security and Risk, Giving Access to your Accounts

Section 3: Interviewing
→ Traits to Look for in a Bookkeeping VA: Cheatsheet included
→ The Ideal Set Up for a Bookkeeping VA
→ Creating the Job Post: Template included
→ Interviewing for the Bookkeeping VA position: Cheatsheet included

Section 4: Onboarding
→ Onboarding your Bookkeeping VA with a trial: Cheatsheet included

Section 5: Training
→ Xero training: Basic and Advanced
→ Reports training: pre-built SOPs included
* All training videos can be given directly to your Bookkeeping Va

Section 6: Managing
→ Best practices for managing and communicating with your Bookkeeping VA

Section 7: Training Conclusion
→ Wrap up from Nathan, Connor, and Marius

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