7 Reasons to Outsource Content Marketing

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To outsource content marketing, you must understand that content and marketing have an interesting relationship. What you write on your website or post on social media platforms shows people the type of business you are. The more valuable your content is to people, the more likely they are to dive deeper and start considering your products and services.

This is where content marketing comes in. This form of marketing is less about the explicit promotion of your company and brand and is more so a display of the value that your brand can offer. It gets people interested without flashing a bright sign in their faces. 

Content is king. However, not everyone has the resources necessary to maintain the demands of an effective content marketing campaign. In this article, we will walk you through 7 reasons why you should outsource content marketing.

1. Save Time

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The creation of excellent content and formulation of an effective content strategy takes a lot of time. You need to conceptualize the topics you will discuss, how many posts you will make in a week, and schedule when they go up. That’s all on top of writing the actual copy. Depending on the platform you post to, whether blog posts on your website, email marketing, social media, or for organic ranking purposes (SEO), you also need to optimize your content and build your strategy around those mediums. Imagine how many hours you would spend. 

Marketing your products, services, or business, in general, is certainly an essential business activity. Content marketing is a facet of that. However, you can save valuable time and effort when you outsource content marketing over to seasoned professional writers.  

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2. Save Money

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One of, if not the most attractive, benefits of outsourcing content marketing is the costs you can cut down on. 

Imagine how much it would cost you to hire full-time, in-house writers for your content marketing needs. Not only do you have monthly salaries to consider, but you also have to think about employee benefits like paid leave, bonuses, and other overhead costs like electricity, water, and transport fees. This would grow for every person you hire.

Now think about how many writers you would need to hire to run an effective content marketing strategy. What happens when your business grows and content demands grow alongside it? You will have to hire more people, and your costs would end up multiplying. 

You could hire less experienced writers and train them yourself. However, you would still need to think about recruitment and training costs. Not only that, but think about how much you would also need to spend on the software and tools required for content creation, management, and marketing. 

Outsourcing content marketing to freelancers or agencies means that you:

  • don’t have to pay hefty employee benefits or overheads. 
  • don’t have to worry about hiring or recruitment costs. 
  • get talent that is typically already pre-vetted and experienced.  
  • can easily hire more writers as needed and as your business grows by simply upgrading your plan with your partner agency. 

These are some of the places where you can outsource content marketing

3. Publish More Content

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When you outsource content marketing, it allows you to be more productive in terms of the number of posts per week. However, the benefits don’t stop there. It also allows you to publish posts for every stage of a customer’s journey. It’s more than just relaying information. It’s about creating content that generates quality leads, nurturing those leads, and converting them into sales. 

Aside from blog posting on their websites, content strategists also make use of content such as ebooks, webinars, videos, email marketing, social media posts, and whitepapers. This requires a lot of research, planning, mapping, and scheduling. This type of effort may not be possible for your team to do consistently and effectively on top of managing other core processes. When you hand over these tasks to skilled content marketers, they come with an understanding of the buyer’s journey and what content should be created for each stage.

Marketing can be incredibly demanding and needs careful attention in order to be effective. The focus of your in-house team might be split between content creation and other operations. Conversely, when you outsource content marketing, you get a dedicated team that takes care of your content strategy. They can direct their resources to focus solely on maximizing your leads and conversions.

4. Access to Professional Writers

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We already mentioned how experienced writers could save your team time, but it’s more than that. Professional writers know how to write and communicate the voice of your business accurately and effectively. They also understand which content strategy will be most effective for you and bring valuable industry knowledge to the table.

An effective content strategy requires expertise and experience surrounding the specific industry that you are in. When you outsource content marketing, you gain access to these strategists. They typically possess knowledge about your ideal target audience, where they are, and how to best represent your company to them. Even if they don’t possess that knowledge off the bat, they know how to find that information quicker and easier than your team would.

These content strategists and writers know how to write engaging content. They understand what goes on in the heads of site visitors and how to best relay information to them. Not only that, but they typically also have more technical expertise like how to write SEO-friendly content. Plus, it definitely helps to have a new pair of eyes. Sometimes a fresh perspective could mean a world of difference. New ideas can inform and even transform and level up the way you go about your content creation.

5. Increase Productivity

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When you have a seasoned captain running the ship, you can expect that the processes will be smoother, efficiency will improve, and more gets done. 

Because you have expertise and experience on your side, they can typically churn out valuable content at a faster rate without compromising on the quality. While you may previously have been able to do 1-2 blog posts a week, hiring from an agency or freelance marketplace could make multiple cross-platform posting an affordable reality. 

Not only that, but the time you would typically invest in content strategy, planning, and creation goes into other important areas of business growth. While they handle the content, you can think about improving customer retention, delivery times, streamline processes, etc. 

Additionally, you can learn and share these 10 productivity tips from the founders of Outsource School with your hires. In that post, they share what they have learned over the 10 years they have been entrepreneurs. These will help you become more successful business owners.

6. Increased ROI with Content Marketing Strategies By Experts

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You can reach the level of ROI you are targeting by investing in experts. With a steady budget plugged into your content, you can consistently produce quality content. Quality always improves ROI. 

Content marketing isn’t just about monitoring your return on marketing investment (ROMI). You also need to know how to improve content strategies. When you outsource content marketing to experts, you get the benefit of their experience in terms of what works to bring in higher returns.

7. Flexibility to Focus on Other Projects

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One of the main reasons why people outsource in general is to free up their core team to focus on other, higher-priority business objectives and core activities. You and your team need to focus on building, improving, and maintaining the processes that make up the foundation of your business. These can be areas of product development, customer relations, customer experience, general management, etc. 

This is especially true if your general marketing team is caught up doing content creation instead of coming up with campaign strategies and how to implement and manage them effectively. 

With an outsourced content marketing team, the individual members of your team can do what they do best. Make the most out of the talent you hire and allow them to bring their unique value to the key areas of your business.


Outsourcing content marketing can free your team, save you valuable resources, allow you to scale quicker, and positively impact your bottom line. Just remember that when you outsource content marketing, you need to make sure that you have your hiring and onboarding processes all laid out. This will help you make sure that everybody knows what’s expected of them. Then you can avoid unnecessary misunderstandings that cost you time and money.


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