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Quickly Scale Your Business With Virtual Assistants

To save your time, get more done faster, and build your dream business...

We’ve scaled 6, 7, and 8 figure businesses hiring virtual assistants and have even sold one. We want to give you our exact systems and processes to do it with your business.

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5 Keys to Scaling Any Digital Business with Virtual Assistants

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What's Outsource School?

Outsource School Gives You Everything You Need to Outsource Anything In Your Business

Yes, everything! Training videos, cheat sheets, agendas, step-by-step processes, and top notch support.

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A Community to Answer All Your Questions

When you enroll in Outsource School, you also gain access to our private online community.

Hundreds of happy entrepreneurs

Listen to how Outsource School is making a real impact on businesses. 

“I thought that this was going to be something else that I was going to be spending money on and not going to use, but I was SO wrong. Within days of implementing LGF, I was able to get 40 leads in our project management tool. It was a little overwhelming that the results were so good.”

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“Time is really valuable…Outsource School has put together consolidated trainings that are easy to start and finish in one sitting and then share with the people in house on your own teams so you can get things done.”

“This will give you very specific actionable steps on how to figure out what you should hire virtually, how to develop the job description, how to recruit that person, how to train that person, how to interview, how to manage and grow a virtual team that will make you more efficient and more profitable. I think it’s really one of the best, if not the best, classes on the market as it relates to hiring, training, and managing a virtual team.”

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Our Mission

We spent years hiring from sites like Upwork and Fiverr, but we always ran into frustrations and we didn’t have the right hiring systems. Then we finally figured it out!

After scaling our last business, FreeUp.net, to 8 figures and an eventual exit with a team of 35+ virtual assistants, we decided it was time we helped other businesses do the same. 

We’re on a mission to make hiring and running a virtual team simpler, more systemized, and turnkey…while also giving back 3% of all sales to the Teach for the Philippines organization. 

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$ 97 per month
  • New trainings released every month
  • Access to all trainings and SOPs
  • Access to our private community
  • Onboarding and Success Calls
  • Custom Roadmap for OS success
  • Bonus: Access to the SimplySOP software
  • Hassle free 30 day refund guarantee
  • 3% of all sales go to Teach for the Philippines


$ 997 per year
  • BONUS 50+ job post templates
  • New trainings released every month
  • Access to all trainings and SOPs
  • Access to our private community
  • Onboarding and Success Calls
  • Custom Roadmap for OS success
  • Bonus: Access to the SimplySOP software
  • Hassle free 30 day refund guarantee
  • 3% of all sales go to Teach for the Philippines
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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re always here for you. Contact us at any time with any questions.

They are the founders of Outsource School.  They met in college and started their first business selling baby products on Amazon which they eventually scaled to $25 million in total sales. They struggled to hire before finally figuring out the perfect hiring process. A lot of people know them from their last business, FreeUp, which they started with $5,000 before scaling to 8 figures in 4 years. FreeUp was acquired in 2019 by The HOTH. They then created Outsource School to share all of their processes and systems with other entrepreneurs and business owners.

You get access to the exact systems and processes Nathan and Connor use while scaling their businesses by hiring virtual assistants. Everything from how to do conduct interviews fast and efficiently to how to have VAs handle your sales and lead generation. You get access to cheat sheets, video trainings, software, live coaching, community support and so much more. Set up a call with our team to get a walkthrough of everything that is included.

We’re only interested in working with you if Outsource School will help your business. We have a 30 day no questions asked guarantee. If you have any issues with your purchase within the first 30 days, let us know and we’ll issue you a full refund. You can also set up a call with our team to see if Outsource School is the right fit before joining.

Outsource School is best for serious entrepreneurs who want to scale their business using remote teams. This does not mean you have to be selling millions right now! Any business looking to hire virtual assistants to save time and grow their business faster can benefit from joining Outsource School. We have eCommerce companies, Amazon sellers, agencies, coaches, speakers, influencers, software companies, and many more in our community.

Whether you’ve never hired a VA before, you’ve had poor experiences and are struggling with VAs, or you are already working with VAs, Outsource School is a perfect fit. We have trainings that cater to each situation so that you can take your hiring to the next level and scale faster. 

We have young startups as well as 5, 6, 7, and 8 figure entrepreneurs in the community.

Definitely 🙂 The skills that you’ll learn from us will be ones that you need sooner than later while growing your business and they’ll help you take tasks off your plate faster. With that said, a lot of our members start hiring faster than they think once they learn our systems and processes!

Since we no longer own a marketplace or VA agency, we do not offer virtual assistants for hire. However, we partner closely with the freelance marketplace, FreeUp.net, where we can make personal introductions to their team so they can help in your hiring search. Our processes and their platform is a powerful combo to finding rock star virtual assistant talent. 

Nathan Hirsch & Connor Gillivan, OS Founders

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